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How To Become Famous On Youtube: 7 (Almost) Foolproof Steps

How To Become Famous On Youtube: 7 (Almost) Foolproof Steps

Okay, so there's no surefire method for how to become famous on Youtube.  There are, however, a lot of ways to get more Youtube views—some faster than others.  Every month, Youtube viewers are watching over 4 billion hours of video, and you need to get in on the action.  This guide will give you step by step lessons to get more Youtube views to increase your chances of hitting real Youtube fame for yourself or your law firm.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #1: Be Professional

It's just a fact: not all Youtube videos look very professional.  For a lot of people, that's just how they like it, but law firms are different.  Because law firms are staffed by professionals, it's absolutely critical for you to make sure that your professionalism never appears to be compromised in your Youtube videos.

That doesn't mean you can't be spirited, creative, or funny (more on that later), but it does mean that you shouldn't do anything that you'd be embarrassed for your closest friends or colleagues to see.  Remember, you're trying to learn how to become famous on Youtube—if you succeed, you don't want to have to spend the next several months explaining yourself to the people you're closest to.

Overall, lawyers will get more Youtube views when they make professionally produced videos that show a high level of knowledge and professionalism.  Don't just try to make your video with a handheld camera if you've never recorded a Youtube video before.  It's okay to make jokes to get more Youtube views—it's just not okay to be a joke.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #2: Be Unique

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a lawyer talks about a common legal issue while looking at the camera and using a lot of jargon.  Yawn, right?  That's what Youtube viewers think, too.  If your videos look like everyone else's, you'll never get more Youtube views.  In order to get a consistent following, you should be unique.

Try to make your Youtube videos about something where you have more to say than just the basics.  If you have an unorthodox opinion, or one that may go contrary to “common knowledge,” that will help you get more Youtube views.

To know how to become famous on Youtube, you'll need to know yourself well.  What can you do or talk about that no one else can do?  What are you the best at?  Highlighting these strengths is a surefire way to get more Youtube views.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #3: Be Active

Most people don't figure out how to become famous on Youtube with their very first video upload.  The truth is, most viral stars don't just show up on the internet with an instant sensation.  The best way to have the next big viral video is to keep producing good, creative content and keep it coming.  As you get more Youtube views, you'll expand your audience and start reaping the benefits of video marketing.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #4: Be Funny

Remember that part about being professional?  Just because you're professional doesn't mean you can't tell a joke, or use storytelling to talk about a concept in an engaging, fun way.  That's not unprofessional, it's just good marketing, and it will get more Youtube views than any other piece of advice in this guide.

Before you post anything you think is funny on Youtube, do a gut check—and a check with some other people who will be honest critics.  You don't want to learn how to become famous on Youtube for the wrong reasons.  It may be possible to go viral if people are laughing at you, but you'll get more Youtube views and conversions if people are laughing with you.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #5: Be Polite

Everyone knows it: the Youtube comments sections are like a cosmic joke about the underbelly of the internet.  It's easy to get discouraged if you're seeing “troll” comments designed to provoke, or spam comments that have nothing to do with your content.  It can be tempting to just shut down comments altogether—who wants to worry about it?

Try a different approach instead.  Flag inappropriate comments, and try to engage with commenters who really have something to say about your video.  You may want to direct those commenters to your  channel so that you can get more Youtube views, or have them visit your blog or firm website.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #6: Be Helpful

It's likely that sometime before you figure out how to become famous on Youtube with the next viral sensation, you'll be asked some questions by your audience.  Be prepared to answer questions about the law, and if you can do it in a clever or unique way, so much the better.

Being helpful and responsive shows your audience that you're not just in this for yourself.  One of the easiest ways to get more Youtube views is to answer other people's questions directly and without too much doubletalk.  You should make sure to add a disclaimer about not being someone's lawyer and making sure that they consult with their own lawyer, but you can also show yourself as an attorney who's easy to talk to.

How to Become Famous on Youtube, Step #7: Be Yourself

None of these other steps are going to work if you're just putting on a persona.  If you're being fake or are judged as being too much of a corporate shill, you'll be dismissed by most Youtube viewers.  Try to step out of your courtroom self and into something a little more comfortable.

Your personality is one of the biggest unique features you have to showcase.  Put it on display, and you'll get more Youtube views than your competitors who look or sound too generic.

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