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How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel: 6 Easy Steps

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel: 6 Easy Steps

Youtube video advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your law firm, and can give you a fantastic return on investment.  The problem is learning how to advertise your Youtube channel effectively.  This guide will give you an easy, step by step approach to Youtube video advertising so that you don't have to guess at what works.

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel, Step 1: Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important aspects of how to advertise your Youtube channel is basic SEO, or search engine optimization.  In Youtube video advertising, titles are by far your most important place for search engine optimization.  You'll do well by using keyword strings that are likely to generate video searches, and by making your titles clear, direct, and grammatical.

Almost as important as the title is the description.  You may notice that some law firms don't really include a description in their Youtube video advertising—this is a huge mistake.  Descriptions are another answer to the question of how to advertise your Youtube channel.  The keywords and phrases included in your description will be part of the algorithm that Youtube and Google spiders use to index your videos for search results.

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel, Step 2: Creating a Custom Channel

By search engine optimizing your title and description, you'll be well on your way to creating Youtube video advertising that is easy to find.  But what if you don't want people to watch just one video?  Creating a custom channel that looks and acts the way you want it to is another great lesson for how to advertise your Youtube channel.

If your channel looks like everyone else's, odds are that your Youtube video advertising won't get as much attention as it could.  Custom channels can have personalized graphics and display your videos in the order you want.  This makes it much easier for you to produce Youtube video advertising in a series format if something is working well.

Don't make your graphics on your custom channel overwhelming.  People won't keep visiting if your channel looks too loud or if it seems unprofessional.  Less can be more—a more minimalist design can highlight your videos without calling attention to itself.

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel, Step 3: Keep 'Em Playing!

Ideally, you want people to stay on your Youtube channel and watch many videos.  There are a few ways to encourage this behavior.  First of all, never discount the ability of a serial video to keep people watching.  Several videos in a similar format that answer different questions or give different information can be easy to watch all in a row.

If you want to make it even easier to watch several pieces of Youtube video advertising at once, you can actually make your videos into a playlist.  You can further automate this playlist so that once one video ends, another is cued up.

When you're using this method, avoid having too many videos play in a row, or having unrelated videos play after each other.  This is a bad way to distribute your Youtube video advertising, because you'll usually turn your viewers off—and in turn, they'll turn your videos off.  The only videos you should have in playlists are the ones that make sense that way.

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel, Step 4: Use Your Blog

If you're already blogging, you may want to consider making at least one of your blog posts every week a video blog posts.  Sometimes, a quick video blog post can actually take significantly less time than writing a post, even if you have to do multiple takes to get the video right.

For lawyers who already have blog readers, having a weekly series of blog entries about a particular topic can get those readers to become Youtube channel subscribers.  This is one of the best answers to how to advertise your Youtube channel if you've already put a lot of hard work into getting readers on your blog site.

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel, Step 5: Use Social Media

Maybe instead of blogging, you've focused your online marketing efforts on social media websites.  Now's your chance to put those skills to the test with your Youtube video advertising.  Posting your Youtube videos to your Facebook Timeline or to your Twitter feed can generate both clicks and conversions.

You should also consider using less well-known websites to promote your Youtube video advertising.  For example, you may want to use a local group on reddit.com to post a link to one of your Youtube videos, which can bring in a great deal of local traffic.  If your video is good enough and very unique, it might even get shared elsewhere and give your firm a big viral publicity boost.

How to Advertise Your Youtube Channel, Step 6: Direct Advertising Options

Not all law firms have a big social media or blogging presence yet.  If you still want to learn how to advertise your Youtube channel even without these resources, it will be more difficult—but not impossible.  There are still a wide range of options for you to choose from to advertise your Youtube channel directly.

Consider using ads on Youtube itself, which are sponsored by Google AdWords.  These ads can draw in other people who are already watching Youtube videos so that they start watching your videos instead. You may also want to consider advertising your videos using Facebook, which can provide a great video audience.  The Facebook audience is also more likely to comment on, share, and otherwise engage with your content.

Don't neglect your traditional networking options, either.  You may not think of it as direct advertising when you give a business card out that has a URL for your Youtube channel, but it certainly is.  In-person networking can be a great way to get the word out initially about your Youtube video advertising without spending an arm and a leg.