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6 Youtube Marketing Strategy Styles: Who Are You?

6 Youtube Marketing Strategy Styles: Who Are You?

Youtube videos that are seen as advertisements for law firms are only trusted by 14 percent of viewers.  This means that in order to have a good strategy for marketing with Youtube, you need something better than an ad.  Keep reading to find out which marketing style you have, and what other marketing styles your law firm could take advantage of with its Youtube videos.

Marketing With Youtube, Style #1: The Informer

Of all the types of people who start marketing with Youtube, The Informer is probably the type that you're most likely to start out being.  Because lawyers have so much education, they've already absorbed a great deal of information by the time they've passed the bar.  It's a natural fit, then, to start sharing that information as part of your Youtube marketing strategy.

When The Informer starts marketing with Youtube, he needs to pick a topic that he's a genuine expert about.  It's always bad Youtube marketing strategy to talk about issues you only have a partial understanding of, because there's always someone who knows better and will be more than happy to hijack your comments section to tell you how you're wrong.

The biggest problem with being The Informer is that this Youtube marketing strategy can sometimes leave you with a bored, unengaged audience.  Marketing with Youtube doesn't have to be boring, even if you're being informative.  If you're The Informer, consider ways to make your delivery and presentation more exciting so people keep watching.

Marketing With Youtube, Style #2: The Comedian

A second type of person starts their Youtube marketing strategy by being funny and unique.  Being The Comedian isn't necessarily a bad idea when you're marketing with Youtube.  Studies show that people are very likely to respond to funny video content, taking actions like sharing a video via email or a social networking website.

Unlike The Informer, The Comedian doesn't have problems engaging his or her audience.  Instead, The Comedian deftly handles questions by making jokes, then giving a more serious answer.  The only problem with using this Youtube marketing strategy is that it can be harder for The Comedian to be taken seriously if he uses comedy too much.  Never be unprofessional when you're making comedy, and you can be The Comedian without turning people off.

Marketing With Youtube, Style #3: The Cross Promoter

The Cross Promoter is never content to just stop with Youtube marketing strategy.  As soon as he's posted a video, he's already talking about it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and his blog.  “How does he have all that time for marketing with Youtube?” you may wonder.

Many times, people who use this Youtube marketing strategy are actually using software packages that allow them to post to multiple websites from a single dashboard.  This can save you a lot of time if you're using the strategy of The Cross Promoter to get your voice heard across several different social media platforms.

Being The Cross Promoter is a great Youtube marketing strategy from a search engine optimization standpoint.  More links to and from your website will always help you look better to searches.  Be careful, though, that you're not overhyping your marketing with Youtube.  Too much hype can turn people off and make them less likely to appreciate your Youtube videos for what they are.

Marketing With Youtube, Style #4: The Direct Advertiser

If you're impatient about implementing a Youtube marketing strategy, you may be The Direct Advertiser.  When The Direct Advertiser wants to start marketing with Youtube, he thinks about the options for actually advertising his videos elsewhere on the web.

There are a number of ways for The Direct Advertiser to make this Youtube marketing strategy work to his advantage.  You can use the demographic microtargeting abilities of LinkedIn or Facebook to create direct ads that link to your videos and are targeted at just the right audience.  You may also want to include the web address of your Youtube channel on business cards and in any direct email marketing materials you are using.

Marketing With Youtube, Style #5: The Answerer

One easy Youtube marketing strategy that almost any attorney can implement is the strategy of The Answerer.  Instead of having to come up with his own topics for marketing on Youtube, The Answerer starts by looking for questions that real people have about his specialty area of the law.  Once he finds one of those questions, The Answerer puts his legal knowledge to work by recording a video that answers the question in a helpful, informative way.

If you're having trouble getting enough people interested in your Youtube channel because you've been The Informer, transitioning to being The Answerer may get you more traffic.  People like having their questions answered, and are more likely to share this kind of content on their news feeds.

The Answerer needs to avoid potential ethical or liability issues by refraining from giving specific legal advice.  He should also try not to make his answers too long—regardless of how you're marketing with Youtube, the most viewed videos are all under five minutes long.

Marketing With Youtube, Style #6: The News Feed Junkie

Legal news is happening constantly, and The News Feed Junkie knows it all.  If you're always the first to know what has happened, being The News Feed Junkie can be a great Youtube marketing strategy.  Try marketing with Youtube by talking about the latest legal news events and court cases—you'll be able to draw people in without needing to resort to comedy stylings or question and answer sessions.

This can be a strategy used by nearly any type of attorney, and the best part is, it frees you from having to come up with a lot of ideas totally on your own.  You can instead set Google News to send you alerts whenever relevant legal news articles are posted, then just make Youtube videos that give your opinion on the case and where that area of law is heading next.