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How To Advertise Your Blog

How To Advertise Your Blog


Everything About How To Advertise Your Blog

Over 100,000 blogs are being created every day, and lawyers are six times more likely to be bloggers than the average person.  In this sea of newly created blogs, you'll need to figure out how to advertise your blog if you want to stand out.  Keep reading this guide to find out handy tips that can help you advertise your blog.

How to Advertise Your Blog: Word of Mouth

The most old fashioned way to advertise a blog is just to tell someone you know.  Of course, in the modern world, word of mouth has transformed.  You can use targeted small email lists to send out links to your blog entries when you think that an entry might be of interest to a particular subset of your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.

Don't discount face to face interactions when thinking of how to advertise your blog.  You can advertise a log simply by including a blog URL on your business cards.

If you want to advertise your blog with word of mouth, you should get a URL that is short and to the point, and easy for people to remember.  It will be much harder to advertise a blog if its URL involves several slashes, numerical sequences, or long phrases.

How to Advertise Your Blog: Social Media

You can advertise your blog more easily if you use social media contacts.  By posting links to your blog in Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you'll advertise a blog to some of the people who are most likely to strike up a conversation or post a link: the people you know.  Think of social media as a way to extend traditional word of mouth strategies.

Even though you want to advertise your blog with social media websites, don't make your links sound overtly like direct advertising.  You want to make posts with value to the people you're connected to—that's how to advertise your blog most effectively on any social media website.  

Clicks aren't worth anything if they don't take your visitors to quality content.  Think of making your content available to your closest professional colleagues and people you know more distantly—in addition to making it easier to advertise your blog, this can keep your content high-quality.  You'll be less likely to skimp on quality in favor of search engine optimization if you advertise a blog consistently in your Facebook or LinkedIn feed.

Other blogs are another form of social media you should use to advertise your blog.  It's easy to advertise a blog by making comments in other people's blogs.  If you're linking to a post you've made, don't make it look like an ad: instead, you need to learn how to advertise your blog subtly, with posts that contain real, relevant information and not just buzz words.

How to Advertise Your Blog: Joining a Blog Network

Reciprocity is key to understanding how to advertise a blog on the internet today.  One of the best things you can do to advertise your blog is to join a network made up of blogs with similar themes.  If you advertise a blog from your network, they will generally respond by offering you similar advertising for your blog.

Let's say that you offer a guest blogging spot to a blogger who writes about a related legal area to the one you cover in your blog.  If they're in a blog network with you, they can offer to reciprocate by letting you do a guest entry for their blog.  This reciprocity extends your reach as a firm and can help you build the inbound links that are the foundation of good search engine optimization for your law firm website.

How to Advertise Your Blog: Blog Directories

One of the first steps you should take to advertise a blog when you've just started posting is to get your name into as many blog directories as possible.  This requires practically no computer knowledge, and most blog directories make this way to advertise your blog quick and intuitive.

After you learn how to advertise your blog more effectively through other channels, it's likely that blog directories will bring in less traffic to your blog than advertising your blog with other methods.  This doesn't mean that it's a step you should skip if you have a long-term strategy—just that it's only a first step.

Some blog directories may not allow just any blog.  To advertise a blog on these directories, you'll need to have a history of quality posting, preferably with other qualified attorneys linking to your entries and discussing them.  In general, you'll get more quality hits when you advertise your blog with these more selective directories.

How to Advertise Your Blog: Paid Advertising

Readers of other law blogs may be interested in posts like yours, so other attorneys you know may have blogs that are a natural place to advertise your blog.  You may want to ask some blogs you like whether they have advertising rates available for new advertisers.

If a blog has an audience with demographics you want to capture, you can start advertising your blog there.  Learning how to advertise your blog with paid advertising can have a bit of a learning curve: it can be much more expensive to advertise a blog on some websites than others, and it can be confusing to figure out where you're getting your best traffic from.

How to Advertise Your Blog: Mobile Advertising

If you want to advertise a blog that has mobile friendly content, you may want to send direct SMS advertising that links to your blog posts as part of your blog advertising strategy.  Advertising your blog this way will yield the best results when you use targeted lists of mobile numbers.

It won't do any good to advertise your blog with mobile direct ads if your blog's formatting appears off when it is visited with Android or iPhone devices.  Keep your blog entries short and to the point, easy to read during someone's commute or a quick break when you send an ad by SMS.