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Benefits of Display Advertising

Benefits of Display Advertising


Video Display Advertising and the Increasing Benefits


Benefits of Display Advertising


Video display advertising has continued to grow in popularity across the web and especially on mobile advertisements. 

According to a poll released by MediaPost, the biggest concerns with video display advertising are the following:


·         Difficult to measure return on investment (ROI): 41%

·         Lack of standard metrics: 33%

·         Not enough ROI: 27%

·         Difficult to get enough reach: 27%

·         Lack of original ads: 21%

·         Lack of ad placement: 20%

·         Company or client policies: 18%

·         Quality of content in connection to ads: 17%

·         Consumers won’t watch video ads: 16%

·         Lack of quality: 10%

·         Difficult to begin and continue campaigns: 10%

·         Lack of alternatives: 8%


Proven Benefits of Display Advertising with Videos


As you can see, several of the concerns listed above directly impact video display and attorneys.  However, according to the Association of Web Design Professionals, there are several proven benefits to video display—especially on websites like YouTube and social networking websites.  Some of the proven benefits of display advertising with videos are listed below:


#1 There are different forms of video display advertising


Video advertising is becoming easier and much cheaper that other types of advertising such as broadcast and print.  Attorneys can upload a whole

video to YouTube, or they can buy slots within videos using a varying degree of methods in order to encourage potential clients to watch the entire video. 


#2 Consumers are not reading anymore


Perhaps one of the largest benefits of display advertising with video is the fact that a large percentage of clients are relying on video for news and entertainment than print media.  Social media and news companies like the Washington Post along with multiple law firms have been to switch the way in which they announce updates and other information, and most of this information is coming through via video. 


#3 Video Display Advertising gives an edge over other with the same services


Clients in need of legal services are now less likely to click on banner ads and similar ads.  Although video display advertising comes in the form of banner advertising, videos that play within or between sites have shown better results. 


#4 Video Display Advertising encourages clients to stay on the site longer


Not only do videos encourage clients to stay, videos are a huge factor in lead-generation.  Clients are more likely to investigate your product or services if you have videos, especially if those videos are creative, informational, and short.  The shorter the video, the more likely the consumer will watch the video until the end. 


#5 Video Advertising shows that firms are willing to take a risk


A general rule in advertising is that new is better.  One of the largest benefits of display advertising with videos is that younger clients are drawn in with the new formats.  Additionally, older clients see that companies are willing to adjust to societal trends. 


Why does Google Recommend Video Display Advertising through YouTube?


In short, the biggest benefit of display advertising on YouTube is the fact that the service is the largest video sharing program in the world and shows evidence of exponential growth.  Google lists the following benefits of display advertising for benefits and marketers:


Benefits of Display Advertising with Videos for Clients

For one, clients have access to the largest database of professional videos in the world.  Additionally, the video display on YouTube also connects users to a large community that shares their feelings about the content on the website.  Lastly, clients can engage in multiple platforms. 


Benefits of Display Advertising with Videos for Marketers

Marketers have access to a community that engages in the products and services they are viewing.  Secondly, YouTube offers a way to protect your brand in a user-friendly and safe environment.  Marketers also have access to several different platforms for measuring the success of their advertising. 


Important Facts about YouTube Video Display Advertising


YouTube has over 400 million visitors every single month from around the world.  Also, there are several types of targeting that marketers can use:


·         keyword targeting

·         contextual targeting

·         age

·         gender

·         location

·         language preference

·         Interest category marketing

·         remarketing (which allows a marketer to target ads to only visitors to their website)


Most Common Types of Video Display Advertising


Although there are other forms of video display advertising, the largest benefits of display advertising with videos come with the following ads:


Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

A pre-roll video display advertisement is the most popular form available today.  When a clients wishes to watch a video, an advertisement will play before they can watch the video.  Also, post-roll videos will play in between videos if clients wish to watch multiple videos.


Branded Players

A branded player looks just like a video player but has a specific banner that advertises the firm’s logo. 


Overlay Bars

You’ve probably noticed these video display advertisements in the bottom or top part of a video you’re watching.  The client has the ability to close the advertisement or travel to the website, and the most common form of an overlay bar is the 350×250 square. 


Companion Banners

This type of video display advertisement usually occurs  alongside  a pre-roll advertisement.  The video advertisement can have another banner with an advertisement separate from the product being advertised.  One of the benefits of display advertising with this type is that products and services will often relate to each other. 




If you haven’t embraced the benefits of display advertising with videos, you’re behind the curve.  Although there is some risk involved with video display advertising, there are increasing amounts of measurable results over the last couple of years.  Video advertising is slowly taking over traditional types of advertising such as broadcast and print media because clients are less willing to read advertisements.