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Important Uses of Twitter Trends and Promoted Trends


What is Twitter Trending?


In a nutshell, Twitter trending allows a user follow other tweeters who have the same interests. 

Twitter trending and the top ranked trends are constantly changing, and these changes allow users to see shifts within social networking. 


How are Twitter Trends Established?


The website uses an algorithm that follows each user and their location.  Once a person’s location is determined, Twitter will determine legal subjects that are immediately popular instead of legal subjects that have been popular for an extended period of time.  Twitter will adjust the Twitter trending to your interests as well.  If you want to change the location for Twitter trending, you can change the settings on the website. 


How do I view Twitter Trends for a Specific Location?


If you want to view trends in a specific area of the United States or the world, you can click the “Customize” option in the “Trends” box.  If you want to view worldwide trends, select the appropriate option.  Otherwise, you can choose s specific country and city.  You can also use the advanced Twitter search to view tweets in any location even if there are not enough tweets to form a trend in a specific location. 

Twitter will automatically post both worldwide and local trends.  Only after the website has determined your specific interests will it start to send you trending topics. 


What Rules Exist for Twitter Trending?


Twitter trends must abide by the following rules.  If the rules are violated, your account may be monitored and you may even be suspended in some cases:


1.       You cannot add one or more hashtags to a Tweet that is unrelated to simply receive more attention.

2.       You cannot repeatedly tweet within the same legal topic without adding significant input to the conversation just in order to get the trending more popular.

3.       You cannot tweet about each Trend to drive traffic to your firm’s profile.  If your profile contains advertising, this rule strongly applies.

4.       You cannot tweet about a trend and post a link about something totally unrelated.

5.       You cannot list Trends with a request for being followed.


How do I Participate in Twitter Trending?


In order to participate in Twitter trends, you just need to post a Tweet with the exact phrasing of a phrase in the Trends list.  You’ll want to include the hashtag if the Trend has one.  If there are a large amount of people tweeting about a specific topic, you may not be able to see your specific tweet with the trend because of the heavy traffic. 


What are Promoted Twitter Trends?


This type of Twitter trending is a tool used within the Promoted Tweets platform.  If the legal advertising campaign is receiving enough attention, they can become a member in the promoted Twitter trends because they exist as their own product. 

After becoming a promoted Trend, other users can see trends based on time, context, and specific events  that are promoted by advertising partners.  Promoted Twitter Trending appears at the top of the Promoted Trending Topics list and will be marked as being promoted. 


What happens if I click on a Promoted Twitter Trends?


After you click on a promoted Trend, you’ll see all search results for that topic along with a tweet from the advertiser listed at the top of the list.  All of these Trends are unfiltered and open to the public.  However, if an advertiser violates the terms of service and their advertisement qualifies as spam, the Trend will be removed. 


What is the Difference Between Regular Twitter Trending and Normal Trending?


The two types of trends are the same in the respect that users will reach each type of trend in a similar way.  Additionally, the two types of Twitter Trends are the same in the way users can view all related tweets and even tweet about the Trends. 

There is one difference though.  Promoted Twitter Trending is purchased by an advertiser and is noticeably marked of being promoted.  There is basically no other difference. 


Can Promoted Twitter Trends Appear anywhere else than Twitter’s Website?


Apart from the actual website, Twitter trending can appear on Tweetdecks, iPhones, and Twitter for Android.  The Promoted Trends will not appear on any other devices. 


What is the advantage of Twitter Trends in law?


Twitter Trending is a notable practice within the legal field for several reasons.  For one, Twitter Trending can allow both the public and other attorneys to stay updated on important news within the legal field.  For example, a simple search of law firm will bring in results for some of the top legal news in your area. 


Secondly, you can find updated information about laws and attorney directories.  There are multiple trends and posts about changes in law and directories around your area.  Thirdly, there is a large amount of marketing advice and other advice for attorneys on Twitter.  Attorneys use Twitter Trends to provide legal advice to the public, but they also use the tools to provide advice and tips to other attorneys as well. 


Lastly, Twitter Trending can help prospective clients find some of the best legal services in their area.  They can see what other people are saying about certain law firms in the area, and many firms will post updated news about important cases the firm has recently handled and closed. 


Twitter Trending: Conclusion


Twitter Trends can help you keep updated in the legal field within your specific area or any other part of the world as long as there are enough tweets to start a Trend.  Twitter Trends is likely to keep growing within the legal industry.