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Getting Help With Affordable SEO Packages for Attorneys

Getting Help With Affordable SEO Packages for Attorneys

If you're looking for cheap SEO packages, you're in good company: eighty percent of law firms eventually outsource some or all of their search engine optimization work.  In the tough economic climate today, it's always important to save money, and many people look for the most affordable SEO package they can find.  However, just because affordable SEO packages are cheap doesn't mean they'll be worth your time.  How can you know what differentiates cheap SEO packages that work and the ones that don't?  Keep reading to find out.

Why “Pure” Cheap SEO Packages Are No Longer Enough

When law firms used search engine optimization in years past, they often focused exclusively or almost exclusively on the content of their websites.  Optimizing this content to maximize the likelihood that a page would be ranked well was called “pure SEO.”  Some affordable SEO packages today may still use pure SEO, but it would be a mistake to use these cheap SEO packages.

That's because pure SEO doesn't take into account the things that matter just as much or more to Google and other search engine indexers.  For example, if your affordable SEO package doesn't include anything that helps you optimize your website for mobile traffic, what will your law firm do to attract the 20 percent of web users who are now searching mostly on their smartphones?

Affordable SEO Packages: Link Building

A huge aspect of search engine optimization today is link building.  Any affordable SEO packages that don't include at least some work on link building are not worth your time or money.  Link building refers to the process of having other websites link to your site.

You should seek out an affordable SEO package that not only includes link building but also tells you upfront how those links will be built.  Backlinks that come from paid linking programs, reciprocal linking, or spammy, low quality websites will generally be regarded as neutral to negative for your search engine results.  Some cheap SEO packages that say they include link building services use these types of methods, so caveat emptor.

Some of the ways that high quality, affordable SEO packages might help you to link build include finding guest blogging opportunities for you to take advantage of, or building profiles in high quality directories on the web.  This kind of link building will take longer and may lead to having fewer links than if you had used other methods.  However, when your affordable SEO package uses ethical methods, you never have to worry that your SERPs will be negatively impacted by the next search algorithm update.

Affordable SEO Packages: Targeting and Landing Pages

Another way that an affordable SEO package can improve your search engine results is by helping you to direct your keyword-based pay per click advertisements.  These ads can help augment cheap SEO packages by giving you immediate results.  What's more, as part of your affordable SEO package, you can ask to actually see testing done to compare which keywords and copy pay off best.  You can then use that knowledge to refine your search engine optimization copy on all of your web pages.

Landing pages are pages that are specific to one ad and that address a client's keywords very specifically before they enter your main site.  This means that you'll be able to be able to target tiny niche audiences based on their exact interests.  An affordable SEO package can help you make these landing pages.  Most very affordable SEO packages will limit the number of landing pages you can have to a fairly small number—you may have to upgrade to less cheap SEO packages when you want to have more landing pages for more niches.

Affordable SEO Packages: Video

Not all cheap SEO packages include video recordings.  However, if you can find an affordable SEO package that does include video, it's a wise investment in your marketing future.  Some affordable SEO packages actually include many videos, all recorded in the same day or week, which you can then slowly share over the course of several months to a year.

Just because you're buying cheap SEO packages doesn't mean your video should look cheap.  If you see an affordable SEO package but the video looks bad, keep moving.  That's not the kind of impression you want cheap SEO packages to leave on your visitors, is it?  A well-produced video can still be made in the context of an affordable SEO package, and you'll get tremendous conversion rates compared to an amateur video.

Affordable SEO Packages: Content Management

If you already have a great deal of content for your website, cheap SEO packages can help you put it in front of the right eyes.  By search engine optimizing your videos, social networking posts, and blog posts, then putting it online, your affordable SEO package can save you from many hours of work every week.

Content management frees you from many of the administrative responsibilities of running a law firm website and optimizing it.  Even very cheap SEO packages will typically include this service.  If your administrative responsibilities are giving you headaches, an affordable SEO package may be exactly what you need.

Warning: Don't Get Blog Content From Affordable SEO Packages

One thing you should never accept as part of an affordable SEO package is blog writing.  Think about it: attorneys go to school for years to learn the law.  How can cheap SEO packages possibly provide you with real subject matter experts when they blog?  Subject matter experts cost money, and you won't get them with an affordable SEO package.

Instead, work on your blog content yourself, and learn some principles of keyword density, semantic indexing, and so on before you write your entries.  A well-written entry that is only partially keyword optimized will still look much better to potential clients than any entries that are so full of keywords your clients or colleagues can barely read them.