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Everything About Mobile Advertising Platforms

Everything About Mobile Advertising Platforms

A few years ago, most law firms didn't even need to think about getting a mobile advertising platform.  With over $5 billion being spent on mobile ads in 2012, though, it's time to get serious about mobile ads and look at the best mobile advertising platforms for your firm.  No one mobile advertising platform works for every law firm (at least not yet).  This guide will help you out in making your decisions so that you can start using the best mobile advertising platforms for you.

Mobile Advertising Platforms for Publishing Mobile Sites

In order to get the best results for your mobile ads, you'll want to publish a wide range of mobile landing pages so that you can target customers using best practices.  That means you may have a much larger number of websites to run than you're used to.

Your mobile advertising platform can give you dashboards that will control mobile site publishing.  Let's say you want to change the phone number indicated for your office on your landing sites—all of them.  Without having a mobile advertising platform to help you with your mobile site publishing, this could take a long time.  Mobile advertising platforms make it quick and easy to change things across all your websites with a few mouse clicks.

What's more, this kind of mobile advertising platform will generate sites already optimized for mobile displays.  No more squashed text, no more disappearing images—ever.  Using mobile advertising platforms to publish your mobile landing pages will ensure that you have the best chance you can have of getting conversions with every click through.

Mobile Advertising Platforms For Ad Buying

Sometimes, the mobile ad world today can seem like the Wild West, with so many companies competing for such a new audience.  Until the mergers and acquisitions start leading to a standard mobile advertising platform, you may need help buying ads across a wide number of mobile media networks.

When you need to stay in budget for your mobile ads, this kind of mobile advertising platform can help you control costs and keep your bids low.  Using mobile advertising platforms to help you advertise with several networks also means that if one network changes its policies or otherwise becomes a worse fit, you can easily transition your ads to another network that suits your needs better.

Mobile Advertising Platforms for Targeting

If you've been placing Facebook ads or Google AdWords already, you may know something about using a mobile advertising platform to better target potential clients.  While desktop targeting is, by its very nature, a bit imprecise, mobile advertising platforms give you the incredible ability to narrow down exactly where your desired clients are right now.

Using a mobile advertising platform for targeting can help you zero in on the tightest local areas where you'll be likely to get the highest number of clients.  If your existing mobile advertising platforms aren't giving you the targeting choices you want, pick another piece of software—there's too much competition for it to be worth using anything that isn't doing exactly what you want.

Mobile Advertising Platforms for App Building

Let's face it, there's not a lot of overlap between attorneys and computer programmers.  Even if you have no previous programming experience, though, you can still build apps using a mobile advertising platform.  Some mobile advertising platforms include easy to use, intuitive app building tool kits that can make your custom apps dreams a reality within hours or days.

Remember that if you want to build an app using a mobile advertising platform, you'll want to see which mobile operating systems the app works with.  Usually, you'll only be able to create an app for one of these operating systems at a time.  You may need to use the creation tools from your mobile advertising platforms several times to make the same type of app available for people using different types of phones.

You might want to try brainstorming at your firm, especially if you have several firm staff who already use a lot of apps, for an app idea that you could use for marketing your firm.  The kind of app you create should be representative of your firm personality—a firm that markets itself as being fun and hip would have a better chance of success with an entertaining app.  More traditional law firms may just want to stick to informative or organizational apps.

Mobile Advertising Platforms for Analytics

Even though mobile ads are such a big deal for many law firms and other small businesses right now, it can be tough to find the right mobile advertising platform to do advanced analytics work.  Doing analytics is important if you want your mobile ad campaigns to continue to succeed.  It's still possible to find a mobile advertising platform for analytics, but you may have to use several different platforms to get all the information that you want out of your mobile traffic results. 

Data mining with the geotargeted new mobile web can give you a richer and more detailed supply of information than ever before about your potential customers.  It can also be tough to interpret, so having analytics tools that work intuitively is very important if you're better with case law than CPM.

The Future of Mobile Advertising Platforms For Lawyers

As mobile advertising evolves and some companies come out on top for distributing mobile ads, it's likely that businesses will see more platforms that are designed to create a one-stop dashboard for all of your mobile advertising needs, whether you're focused on creating new ads or targeting old ones.

Because mobile targeting is getting easier than ever, it's also likely that you'll see a shift away from total outsourcing of mobile advertising.  Instead, law firms may shift toward self-managed ads that are adjusted easily with a user-friendly mobile advertising platform.  This gives firms more control over both their brand image and their campaign results, while being easy enough to use that outside help isn't required.