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Free Facebook Advertising

Everything About Free Facebook Advertising
If you're not ready to plunge right in to doing paid direct ads on Facebook, what about advertising on Facebook for free?  Yep, that's right—free advertising on Facebook is actually responsible for a huge number of conversions every day.  You may even be using free Facebook advertising techniques already without knowing it, if you're one of the two thirds of law firms with a Facebook page already online.  Keep reading to find out more ways to do your advertising on Facebook for free, with no catches or obligations.
Free Facebook Advertising Solution #1: Coupons
In order to sweeten the pot for people interested in starting to advertise using social media, Facebook sometimes makes it possible to do sidebar and sponsored story advertising on Facebook for free.  Usually, this free Facebook advertising offer will come to you in your email inbox once you've already registered for a Facebook page.  Some coupons may also come to you as an enticement to get you to sign up for a business Facebook account.
While coupons are a great way to get free advertising on Facebook, they're usually for amounts that won't give you a real advertising budget: $25 for people who've advertised using Facebook's direct ads before, $50 for new users, and up to $100 during some special promotions.  Sure, you'll be advertising on Facebook for free, but in a few days, the money will be out and you won't be getting any more clicks.
Free Facebook Advertising, Solution #2: SEO
One of the best ways of getting free advertising on Facebook is to be relentless in your efforts to search engine optimize your Facebook pages.  Just making sure that your titles are descriptive and accurate can make sure that you're getting advertising on Facebook for free.
Remember that SEO for your website depends largely on whether your website is seen as being high quality by other people on the web.  The way that search engine indexers decide on whose results are quality is by looking for who gets the most inbound links.  By search engine optimizing your Facebook page, you're getting free advertising on Facebook both for your Facebook pages and for your main law firm website.
Search engine optimization should be used for all of your content if you want to get free Facebook advertising.  Advertising on Facebook for free is also possible by using video search engine optimization. Make sure that your titles are kept keyword-dense, because titles matter more for search engine optimization than the rest of your video text.  Using these guidelines, every video you post becomes more free advertising on Facebook.
Free Facebook Advertising, Solution #3: Getting Social
Every time that you get a link from another person for your website, or another person “likes” one of your Facebook posts, you'll be increasing the impact of your SEO efforts.  This is yet another reason that all of your Facebook activity is, in essence, advertising on Facebook for free.  It doesn't need to look like an ad to be great free advertising on Facebook.
Let's use an example.  It might not look like free advertising on Facebook when, for instance, a client posts a positive review of your firm on your Facebook page.  It's certainly not a direct ad, and unlike using coupons for free Facebook advertising, this kind of ad is unlikely to generate a lot of traffic from strangers.
However, the best free advertising on Facebook isn't advertising directed at strangers.  Even when using paid ads, people have the best luck using Facebook to target their existing connections and friends of those connections.  Your best bet for advertising on Facebook for free is to leverage your existing connections as much as possible and publicize it when you're given free Facebook advertising by satisfied customers.
Free Facebook Advertising, Solution #4: Going Viral
Some of the best free advertising on Facebook takes the form of viral ads, which are passed around not necessarily because of their commercial message but because they have unusual, entertaining, or informative content.  Before trying to get advertising on Facebook for free using viral marketing techniques, you'll want to read up on what works and what doesn't—viral ads are too big a topic to talk much about in an article this short.
If you're already aware of the viral market, look at viral videos as a great way to get free advertising on Facebook.  All it takes is putting out one or two great lawyer videos that say something different than what your competition says, and you'll be well on your way to putting your advertising on Facebook for free.
Free Facebook Advertising, Solution #5: Keeping Up
Often, the best ways to start advertising on Facebook for free are the newest ways.  The nature of social media rewards you if you can capitalize on a new way of getting free advertising on Facebook before your competitors can.  After everyone's already started doing it, advertising on Facebook for free won't be nearly as effective.
That's why one of the best things you can do to keep having free Facebook advertising is to keep reading blogs and websites that keep track of the latest trends.  Knowledge is power, and having more social media knowledge than your competition will keep you advertising on Facebook for free while they're pouring money into their ad budget for similar results.
Mistakes to Avoid With Free Facebook Advertising
In the pursuit of free advertising on Facebook, some companies can lose a bit of their professionalism.  Remember that you never want to be seen as a spammer, or as someone who posts a great deal of irrelevant content.  
You don't need to update your Facebook page ten times a day just to get advertising on Facebook for free.  Consistent but less frequent updates will still be seen plenty by your readers, and won't be seen as a transparent ploy for free advertising on Facebook.  If you're seen as spamming your customers, you'll lose fans and stop seeing “likes” on your new stories as people lose interest in your services.