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One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Attorneys


An Affiliate Marketing Strategy to Highly Consider


Out of all the affiliate marketing strategies for attorneys, perhaps no other service is better or convenient than the Amazon Associates Program.  The program offers you a dual opportunity if you have material on Amazon such as a book on legal advice, and other relevant material as well.  This article will discuss several affiliate marketing strategies offered by the Amazon Associates Program if you’re an attorney and writing a blog. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #1


Amazon offers one of the best affiliate marketing strategies for attorneys because of the huge amount of traffic the website brings in.  Also, the website offers more objects that any other company on the internet.   For example, according to research form Wired Magazine; Amazon receives, at its peak, around 650,000 requests every second around the world. 


Also, the same research indicates that one-third of all internet users visit the website every day.  The astronomical amount of requests correlates with the number of objects stored within Amazon S3.  The following graph shows how Amazon has increased its number of products:



Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #2


Another reason why so many consumers use Amazon is the trust factor.  Consumers trust the company, and a great affiliate marketing strategy will always incorporate trust.  If you’re writing reviews about legal products on Amazon and provide a link after the description, consumers won’t be afraid to click on the link. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #3


Affiliate marketing strategies are enhanced by Amazon because they offer more relevant products for the legal field than virtually any other merchant.  Let’s say you developed affiliate marketing strategies to promote certain books on a field of law for your consumers, other attorneys, and even students.  Amazon has books for the general public and professionals such as textbooks and more. 


Don’t get out of control though.  You don’t want to start incorporating an affiliate marketing strategy that uses irrelevant advertising.  If you’re promoting legal resources and you post a review about an iPod, consumers may shy away. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #4


Simply put, Amazon does most of the work for your affiliate marketing strategy.  All you need to do is have the consumer click on the link, and there are several affiliate marketing strategies that will occur.  First, Amazon can extend on your product reviews.  Second, you can earn commission even if consumers start buying other products. 


Amazon encourages consumers to buy more products because it suggests similar products or accessory products.  As long as you directed the consumer to the site, you’ll earn a commission on the total sale in most cases. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #5


One of the best affiliate marketing opportunities provided by Amazon is the possibility of asking for reader reviews from associates in your firm.  This tactic is a plausible affiliate marketing strategy because readers are mostly likely accustomed to Amazon, and so are your associates.  If you encourage reader reviews and help from people you know, your affiliate marketing strategies for expansion will likely succeed. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #6


It may seem paradoxical, but Amazon can add to your affiliate marketing strategy by giving you the information you’re going to use to market the products!  For example, Amazon provides affiliate marketing strategies through their reports and statistics by examining what products are selling the most within certain areas. 


The best affiliate marketing strategy will provide links to the statistics.  If readers know that other members of a community are buying the same products, they’re more likely to buy the products as well. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #7


Another valuable affiliate marketing strategy you can use with the help of Amazon is backing up the information in your review.  Since Amazon provides its own reviews, you affiliate marketing strategies should try to match what people are saying on Amazon.  However, the affiliate marketing strategy can work the other way around as well. 


If there are only a couple of reviews for a product on Amazon and you disagree with the opinions, you can state your reasons why within your blog and let the consumers decide for themselves. 


Affiliate Marketing Opportunities with Amazon: #8


One of the best affiliate marketing strategies is to provide links to products that have yet to be released.  For example, Amazon will often post information about a product before it is released, and even if there are not reviews, consumers might still pre-purchase the product based on the product description from Amazon. 


Notes on Affiliate Marketing Strategies


There are two things you should note in order to receive the maximum amount of affiliate marketing opportunities: relevancy and the reputation of the product. 


The best affiliate marketing strategy will only use advertisements that relate to the overall theme of your blog and the needs of the clients and readers.  If you start posting advertisements that have nothing to do with your blog, you’ll hurt your future affiliate marketing opportunities. 


Secondly, unless there are only a couple of reviews, you’ll want to pay close attention to products with a large amount of reviews.  If there are a large amount of bad reviews about the product and you recommend that the product was outstanding, readers will start to lose trust in your word. 


Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing Strategy with Amazon


If you’re an attorney or anyone in the legal industry, Amazon is one of the best resources for affiliate marketing strategies.  Amazon is a giant in the e-commerce business, and you can promote more items through Amazon than any other service on the internet.