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Twitter Marketing Tips


The Best Twitter Marketing Tips for Success


Twitter for Marketing


Most studies suggest that Twitter is more successful than press releases for a law firm.  Some firms are still hesitant in using Twitter for marketing, but the results often increase awareness and leads for the majority of law firms. 


The Best Twitter Marketing Tips


If you want to start using Twitter for marketing your firm’s services, the following tips have proven successful:


#1 Portray Content in a Personal Tone


If you use twitter for marketing, the last thing you want to do is write content in a professional tone with a bunch of jargon.  Readers may skip by the content and even feel intimidated in some cases.  Make sure the tone matches your services as well.


#2 Provide Helpful Links


If you’re using Twitter for marketing, make sure you’re providing links that can expand on the subjects you’re discussing.  If you can provide links to content on your own legal website, this would prove ideal.


#3 Use Keywords within your Tweets


You can greatly improve your strategy within Twitter for marketing if you adjust your content for search engine optimization.  One of the most important factors to consider is your keywords for both searches within Twitter and over a search engine.  One of the best Twitter marketing tips is to write down a list of the most important keywords for your firm and place these terms within different tweets and your profile.  For more information on keywords and SEO for social media, consider viewing the blog under the blog called SEOmoz.


#4 Tweet with the Right People


It’s one of the most simple and effective strategies in using Twitter for marketing.  It’s all about who you know.  You need to start finding people within your geographic location who are interested in your legal services.  After you start following them, you’ll want to tweet with them and provide useful advice if they’re asking questions within their tweets.  Showoff your knowledge and people may rely on your service in the future. 


#5 Find Trending Topics


If you use Twitter for marketing, you need to find trending topics that you can help answer.  Tools like HootSuite can help you find related conversations, and then you can offer advice for the common questions.  Using Twitter for marketing in this way can guarantee leads in the future. 


#6 Start the Relationship off Right


This is one of the best Twitter marketing tips for your law firm within social media.  If you’ve been following someone and notice they need some information, consider Twitter for marketing just like marketing in person.  Start off by saying something positive about their post and then provide information they may find helpful including posts you’ve written in the past with helpful information. 


#7 Make the Readers Active


One of the best Twitter marketing tips is to write tweets that are both informational AND fun to read.  You’ll want to follow traditional rules while using Twitter for marketing like sharing information and writing information that is useful within your field of law, but you’ll want to ask your readers for advice and input as well. 


#8 Manners in a Desensitized World


If you use Twitter for marketing, some of the best advice this article will address involves being polite.  Many Twitter marketing tips talk about content and updating your material, but what about manners? You can thank a follower over a @message, but you can also thank a follower more personally through a direct message (DM).  If they provided helpful insight or received your services, thank them and they will spread the word about your ethics. 


#9 Showcase your Transparency


While using Twitter for marketing, never try to cover up your lack of experience in a certain subject.  If you use Twitter for marketing your legal services, you need to gain your followers’ trust by showing you credibility in certain subjects and proclaiming your lack of skill in a certain area.  One of the best Twitter marketing tips: ask for suggestions if you need to improve your skills in a certain area. 


#10 Offer Incentives


If you’re using twitter for marketing, one of your main goals is to drive followers to your actual website.  If you offer incentives on your website, you’ll want to use Twitter for marketing the deals on your website.  If followers know your website often contains good deals, they’re more like to keep visiting. 


#11 Use Hashtags


Simple yet effective Twitter marketing tips for bringing more people to your profile include using hashtags.  If you have a follower on your website, use twitter for marketing and retweet about them or display their tweet on your website.  These tips for using Twitter for marketing will encourage more people to come to your profile. 


#12 Integrate other Social Media


This is one of the most important marketing tips as well.  Not only do you want to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but you want to connect your LinkedIn account while using Twitter for marketing.  If you install the LinkedIn tweet application, you can use Twitter for marketing to your professional contacts if they have Twitter accounts as well. 


#13 Use other Tools to Enhance Twitter for Marketing


If you’re using Twitter for marketing, you can use a large list of tools to monitor activity, sort through tweets, and provide other Twitter marketing tips as well.  As mentioned above, HootSuite will track a large amount of activity on Twitter.  Summify will also help you identify news and tweets that relates to your services. 


#14 Rely on the Younger Generation


One of the best Twitter marketing tips is relying on your younger associates for help.  If you’ve just started using Twitter for marketing your law firm, ask your young attorneys in the firm for help.  They are much more likely to be more experienced and literate with the technology.


Twitter for Marketing: Conclusion


If you’re using Twitter for marketing, the service holds a massive amount of potential.  Consider the Twitter marketing tips within this article and do some more research to find out areas you can improve upon.