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Everything About Search Engine Marketing Services

When you're starting to consider your SEO strategies for a law firm website, you may want to think about using a search engine marketing service to help you get the most out of your website.  Search engine marketing services can help you to interpret the clicks you're getting so that you can refine your website's content accordingly.  This guide will help you understand how a search engine marketing service may be able to make your SEO marketing take less time and generate better results.

Search Engine Marketing Services and Website Content

One of the biggest areas that a search engine marketing service can help your website with is content.  Using search engine marketing services that look at Google Analytics numbers can help you see where your website traffic is coming from and what niche areas seem to be generating the most conversions after clicking.

Once you know which legal services you offer are most appealing to clients searching for your website, you can go one of two directions.  You may want to use a search engine marketing service to figure out how to make your other practice areas get as much attention as the areas that are doing well with your current search engine optimization strategy.  Alternately, search engine marketing services can help you specialize even further in the niche area that is driving most of your web traffic already.

Search Engine Marketing Services and Website Design

You may also want to hire a search engine marketing service that can help to evaluate your website's design, especially if you notice that you are receiving a high number of clicks but not many new clients.  A low “conversion rate” (clicks that become paying clients) can mean that your website is not designed well enough to attract clients and make them want to use your legal services.

Search engine marketing services can often analyze your website's design and offer suggestions for improvement.  Your search engine marketing service may offer options for a complete redesign of your website, including blogs and social media links.  Increasing not only the amount of content your website has, but the number of links it has to social media, will make it more relevant and accessible for potential clients.

Search Engine Marketing Services and SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the best ways to get more eyes on your law firm's website.  When you have effectively optimized your content, your website will appear high in search result rankings.  Your search engine marketing service is likely to focus on SEO, because most clients won't ever get past the first few results when they do a web search.  If your website only appears after someone has clicked through twenty pages of results, you are unlikely to get new clients with your website.

Search engine marketing services can make sure that your content uses SEO effectively and that you have enough content for search engines to rank your pages highly.  Your search engine marketing service can also help you to identify niche search terms that can help you drive more traffic to your website from clients who are ready to hire a lawyer.

Search Engine Marketing Services and Pay-Per-Click

Today, PPC advertising (pay per click) is often considered inferior to SEO.  This is because PPC costs money every time someone clicks on your advertisement, and these clicks can often be very expensive for many keywords.  However, a search engine marketing service may still advise you to use PPC as part of your search engine strategy.

In order to effectively use PPC, you'll need to strategize about what keywords you should use to attract new clients.  Generic keywords and extremely prestigious keywords may cost hundreds of dollars for a single click.  Instead of appearing when clients search for “Atlanta personal injury lawyer,” for instance, you may want your PPC advertising to appear when clients look for “birth defects after taking prescription drug Atlanta lawyer.”

Search Engine Marketing Services and Blogging

Today, having good search engine results means having a steady stream of new, accurate content on your website.  Blogging can be a good way to market your services and make your firm seem more human and easy to relate to.  A search engine marketing service can help you to set up a new blog and may also be able to help you develop content for that blog.

If you already know a bit about search engine optimization and blogging, you may want to start a blog on your own if you are a partner at a small firm or a solo practitioner.  You can blog about topics that interest you and relate to your practice.  Maybe there's something that you think every legal client with a particular legal issue should know, or a common misconception about the area of law you practice in.  Even one or two blog posts per week can make a big difference to the results you get from your your search engine marketing service.

Search Engine Marketing Services and Social Media

Today, the web is increasingly social and interconnected.  Just having a website is no longer enough, as your search engine marketing service can tell you.  Getting good search engine results is also a matter of being connected to other places on the web, and one of the easiest ways to ensure that your firm is well marketed is to increase its presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Establishing not just a Facebook page for your law firm, but a frequently updated Facebook page that contains fresh new content on a daily basis can make a huge impact to the number of clients you can bring in.  Your search engine marketing service can help you to establish your Facebook page and help you decide what kind of content would be best.  Once clients begin interacting with you on your Facebook page, their friends and relatives will see their activity, driving more views to your pages and helping you to find new clients more frequently.





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