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Best SEO Services For Law Firms: Who Stacks Up?

Best SEO Services For Law Firms: Who Stacks Up?

Even though other ways of using the web have begun to reduce the percentage of web leads produced by searches, over 80 percent of people still use the web for searching.  If you want to be in the first page of results, you need the best SEO service you can find.  Today, some of the best SEO services are using new methods for optimization.  In this guide, we'll try to separate the hype from the real solutions that your law firm needs.  Keep reading to find out which services are offered by the best SEO services for law firms.

Best SEO Services: Full Service Packages

When you're looking for the absolute best SEO service money can buy, you'll want to get some sort of full service package.  Today, many of the best SEO services recommend a blended approach to search engine optimization, rather than a “pure SEO” approach that involves only alterations to your content and keywords.

This blended approach means that the SEO service you've chosen will also handle things like your social media or blogging presence, as well as posting links to your firm's content on social bookmarking websites.  Some of these services will also help you integrate your web advertising with your print, radio, and television ads.

Best SEO Services: Targeting Services

In some situations, you may not need a service to handle everything, but you want the best SEO service possible to identify good niches in your area and help you target the right kinds of potential clients.  Targeting services examine search patterns of people in your area so that your SEO agency can determine who is most likely to respond to which messages you're broadcasting.

Targeting works to improve your return on investment.  The best SEO service can bring up your click and conversion rates substantially with a new targeting initiative.  This is especially valuable if you're already doing some amount of direct advertising.  The best SEO services will help you target your advertising better, so that you're not showing it to as many people who aren't interested.  They'll help you identify negative keywords and niche keywords that you may not have previously thought about.

Best SEO Services: Analysis Services

Leaving the number crunching in the hands of the professionals is a good idea.  Because it's so easy to misinterpret web traffic data, you'll want the best SEO service you can afford to handle any analysis of your traffic.  Doing it right requires a lot of computer knowledge and the ability to distinguish between statistical patterns.  If you don't feel comfortable doing it, that's fine—just hire the best SEO service for the job.

The best SEO services handle analytics like a science experiment, with control groups and experimental groups in A/B split testing.  This kind of marketing experiment can seem boring and tedious for attorneys, which is why having the best SEO service people working on it is a much better idea.

Best SEO Services: Local SEO Services

Today, more traffic than ever on search engines involves people looking for a local service.  If your website seems to have a high bounce rate and is bringing in people from outside your local area, you need to have the best SEO service that you can find take a look at it.  You may discover that you're inadequately optimizing for local results.

In order to get your website back on track for local searches, the best SEO services work to list your website in multiple local directories, as well as incorporating relevant local keywords into your website copy.  By using the best SEO service you can afford, you'll be more likely to have thorough, detailed listings in directories and better copy on your website.

Best SEO Services: Mobile SEO Services

The task of optimizing your company's website for mobile use can seem really daunting.  That's why when people click on law firm websites from their mobile phones, they often see a jumbled up mess of a site full of tiny words that need to be zoomed in on.  That's not attractive to mobile customers, who are likely to go back and find a different law firm website.

Finding the best SEO service to take your firm mobile can be tricky.  Because mobile optimization is so new, not all SEO services are equally good at doing it.  If a service is really the best SEO service for mobile optimization in your area, they should be able to show you some mobile websites they have built that work well and are drawing in a consistent base of mobile customers.

Why Up-To-Date Technique Is Important

Why is it important to hire the best SEO service?  Why not just go with whoever comes in with the lowest bid for your project?  Well, the truth is that the options offered by the best SEO service are likely to be much better, and involve more up to date SEO techniques, than those offered by bargain basement optimizers.

Search engines and spammers are in a constant conflict with each other, and every time a search engine revises its guidelines to be less friendly to spammers, it can also impact search engine optimized websites for legitimate businesses.  By using the best SEO service, you'll ensure that you're not taken by surprise when any of these changes occur, and that you'll be able to respond to the changes as quickly as possible.

Looking Ahead: SEO Service Trends

As standards for search engine optimization change, what constitutes the best SEO service will change as well.  From current trends, it looks like the best SEO services for the future will be those that focus on delivering high quality content and helping businesses focus on getting copy up that people want to read.

In the future, it's likely that even the best SEO service for “pure SEO” will try to take a more blended approach.  By offering more full-service packages, the best SEO services ensure that their business model will continue to be relevant regardless of the direction that search engine optimization takes in the near future.