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If you want to know more about how to improve your website's web presence, you may be looking at PPC search engine marketing techniques, SEO, and social media websites.  This guide will help you understand several of the ways that internet marketing with search engine tools can make your firm's web presence stronger than ever before.  The internet is now many clients' first resource for finding lawyers, so this type of marketing shouldn't be neglected by any firm, large or small.

Internet Marketing With Search Engine Optimization

When you begin to look at marketing your firm online, you may be interested in PPC search engine marketing.  PPC means “pay per click,” and refers to a type of internet marketing with search engine advertisements.  While PPC search engine marketing is one tool you may want to use for your business (and we'll cover it later in this guide), you may first want to consider an alternative that doesn't cost nearly as much: search engine optimization.

When you improve your internet marketing with search engine optimization, you'll appear sooner in search results when clients look for lawyers that take cases in your legal practice areas.  Today's search engine optimization techniques rely on generating a large amount of accurate, informative legal content that can help clients to learn more about the laws pertaining to their case before they call for a consultation visit.

When you use internet marketing with search engine optimization, you'll want to identify key words and phrases that bring clients to your website.  Most clients never look at websites beyond the first few pages of search results—some won't even look past the first page.  Establishing effective keywords at a high enough density to push your website into the front pages of search results can bring you new clients at a rate your firm has never experienced before.

Internet Marketing With Search Engine Pay Per Click Ads

PPC search engine marketing is another good tool for law firms that want to attract new clients to their websites.  If your efforts at internet marketing with search engine optimization have not been as successful as you had hoped, you may want to investigate PPC search engine marketing as an additional avenue for driving clicks and conversions.  A few key tips can help you maximize the return on your PPC search engine marketing and avoid pitfalls common to law firms that are new to internet advertising.  

First of all, you will want to avoid so-called “prestige terms” that are extremely costly on a per-click basis and don't really reflect what people search for in the real world.  While “San Francisco personal injury lawyer” may be a very expensive term, it's also not what most people necessarily search for when they need a San Francisco personal injury lawyer.  Instead, try niche terms that more accurately reflect your practice—a much cheaper way to do PPC search engine marketing that will also help you get more clicks.

When you do internet marketing with search engine PPC ads, you'll also want to be certain that your website measures up to your competition.  Even if you pay for great PPC search engine marketing placement and get plenty of clicks, you won't get clients unless your website looks professional and contains accurate information.  You may want to look at your closest competitors to see whether your website looks up to date and polished in comparison.  Without a great website that draws new clients in, PPC search engine marketing can be a waste of your time and money.

Video Internet Marketing With Search Engine Optimization

One of the fastest ways to ensure that your PPC search engine marketing is successful is to have a website with readily accessible video content.  Research shows that video internet marketing with search engine optimization can greatly increase the chances that a client will decide to call you instead of continuing to click through to your competitors' websites after seeing yours.

Video can show your clients that you are both knowledgeable and personable before they ever call your office.  You can also tag your video using search engine optimization techniques, ensuring that prospective clients can find your video internet marketing with search engine searches.  It is important to make sure that any video you use looks professional and polished before you put it up.  A video that looks unprofessional could actually sabotage your PPC search engine marketing efforts by turning prospective clients off.

Blogs and Legal Content Internet Marketing for Search Engine Optimization

Another way to make your website appear sooner in search results and attract more conversions with your PPC search engine marketing efforts is to have a steady stream of new content coming to your website via a legal blog.  Large firms may decide to hire a legal writer specifically for law firm blog posts and to generate a social media presence.  Smaller firms may not be able to hire someone full time to fill this role.  However, you have several options for creating a legal blog, even if you are a very small firm or a solo practitioner.

If you have writing skills that are SEO friendly and know how to write content that draws in customers, you may want to maintain a blog on your own.  You can blog about topics that are relevant to your clients and your practice, including SEO terms and links to make it more likely that clients will click through to your website.  It's important not to make your blog seem too much like advertising, which is likely to alienate clients.

You may also want to cross-promote your blog using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.  If you cannot reliably develop blog content on your own, you may want to outsource your legal content to another website or to freelance content writers.  This can ensure that your blog is consistently updated with relevant information that will generate more PPC search engine marketing click conversions.





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