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How to Find a Niche Market in 6 Easy Steps

How to Find a Niche Market in 6 Easy Steps

How To Find a Niche Market In 6 Easy Steps

Finding a niche market can be tricky whether you're an experienced partner at a law firm or an attorney who only recently passed the bar.  Law schools today don't prepare law students for the reality of learning how to find a niche market, even though some firms have seen their revenues as much as double within a year of finding a great niche.  Here, you'll learn 7 simple steps that can help you become an expert niche market finder.

Finding a Niche Market Step #1: Find Your Passion

The best niche market finder for you is you.  It's much easier to learn how to find a niche market if there's already something that you're passionate about when it comes to law.  Let's say you're interested in finding a niche market but have, until now, had a firm that handled a really broad range of cases.  It's time to give those cases some thought, niche market finder!

Here's how to find a niche market that excites you: which of those cases were the ones you thought about for months afterward? Which cases made you happy to come to work in the morning?  If you go about finding a niche market in this way, you'll be guaranteeing a focus on the work you love best.  Not only will that lead to a boost in your morale, it's also likely to lead to increased dedication and improved results for clients.

Finding A Niche Market Step #2: Get a Second Opinion

Not everyone is equally good at judging their own work habits and effectiveness, so not everyone really knows how to find a niche market on their own.  If you need a second opinion about finding a niche market, ask a mentor or colleague to give you an honest assessment about which cases have seemed to make you happier and better at your job.

When you're thinking of how to find a niche market, you need to know what the outside world thinks of your performance with different types of cases.  Someone else can also be your niche market finder, if you trust their judgment of when you've been best at your work.  Finding a niche market may be as easy as asking the people around you for advice.

Finding a Niche Market Step #3: Focus Your Website

If you've decided that you want to focus on how to find a niche market, you can't keep using your same old, outdated website that lists so many practice areas that someone might confuse it for a course catalog.  That's not the look you want.  Finding a niche market means you'll need tailored, sleek websites that cater to their needs specifically.

If you're a firm that takes several kinds of cases or you're  using niche market finder software, you may actually want to have several different websites.  Each can be designed around a specific niche of your firm.  

Finding a Niche Market Step #4: Tame the Long-Tail Keyword

The reason that it's so important to know how to find a niche market is that these markets are much easier (and cheaper) to advertise to.  In today's search engine driven internet, where over two thirds of legal clients research attorneys online before making a decision to call one, you can get cheaper sponsored search results in the form of pay per click ads based on so-called “long tail keywords.”

These keywords are actually phrases or even full sentences.  You could, for instance, look exclusively for impressions with people who are typing natural language style questions about law into search engines.  The more specific you can make your keywords and key phrases, the more likely it is that you'll be finding the niche market you're looking for with your ads.

You should also use negative keywords in addition to your long tail keywords when learning how to find a niche market.  If you do exclusively for-profit work, you don't want to waste other people's time or your money by advertising when someone looks for free services.  You can add negative keywords to avoid paying for clicks that won't result in conversions no matter what.

Finding a Niche Market Step #5: Niche Market Finder Software

Using niche market finder software is a great way to find keywords that you may have been missing or even learn how to find a niche market you haven't yet tapped into.  If you're starting to venture into a new niche due to your niche market finder, you'll usually want to have a separate website or at least a new landing page for the niche.

A brief word of advice about how to find a niche market with software: today, niche market finder software primarily works by finding keywords that are likely to be searched for when people look for information on topics like the one you're specializing in.  However, these pieces of software have their limitations and you may be a better niche market finder than any computer program.  

Base your website on a combination of what you think will work best and what the niche market finder software says will help you optimize, and you'll see rapid growth.

Finding a Niche Market Step #6: Build Your Network

Using niche market finder software and targeting new clients with direct ads isn't the only thing you can do to make sure your niche marketing venture succeeds.  One of the most important aspects of how to find a niche market is networking.

When you're working in a very narrow field, you may be able to do networking at trade shows relating to your specialty or at events for lawyers working in your niche.  You can also use the internet to help you develop a network—LinkedIn is a great way to find other attorneys who are practicing in the same legal field in a different geographic area, for example.

By networking with others, you'll get more referrals and be able to build a successful niche practice.  Good luck with finding a niche market that works for you—if you play your cards right, you could have the next big niche marketing success story.