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Google Website Submission: What, When, Where, How, and Why

Google Website Submission: What, When, Where, How, and Why

It's the big daddy of search engines for a reason: Google's technology innovations changed the search world forever, and it currently dominates the market with a 66% share.  With over 1 billion unique visitors worldwide doing Google searches every month, you can't afford not to do website submission to Google.  Website submission for Google is an easy and necessary part of the process of increasing your website's traffic and search engine rankings.  Keep reading to find out how to do website submission to Google, and why Google website submission should be at the top of your to-do list if you haven't done it already.

What is Google Website Submission?

When you put your website online, you may make the mistake of thinking that search engines will just find it automatically.  While it's possible to have your website indexed without website submission to Google, Google website submission ensures that your website is part of the internet Google knows about right away.  As long as when you do your website submission for Google, your website meets quality guidelines, you can find it in search results relatively soon after it is submitted.

Another part of Google website submission is site index submission.  When you do a website submission for Google, you'll only be indexing that page and the pages it is linked to.  If instead of just doing a website submission to Google, you're also giving the search engine your site index, all of the pages will be indexed and it will be substantially easier to get traffic to all parts of your website.

When Should We Start Using Google Website Submission?

While you may want to do website submission for Google right away, it's usually a good idea to check your website out first and make sure that it looks exactly the way that you want it to when Google indexes it.  Doing your website submission to Google too soon could result in needing to re-submit after fixing some of the problems you find.

To avoid this situation, try your website out on several different operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and more than one browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).  By trying several different operating systems and browsers, you can be satisfied that all web users will be able to see your Google website submission, not just those using a particular piece of software.  

You should also make sure, before you do a website submission for Google, that your website is running fast.  Google, like several other search engines, takes speed into account.  If you do your website submission to Google when your hosting provider is providing slow, laggy hosting, you can expect your search engine rankings to start low and stay there.  You're much more likely to have a successful Google website submission with fast, reliable hosting.

Where Do We Do Website Submission For Google?

The URL you need to go to in order to do a Google website submission is pretty easy to remember: www.google.com/submityourcontent/.  By following the directions, you can not only start to do a website submission to Google, but also work on your site index and make sure that you're able to meet all of Google's web quality guidelines.  After you're done doing your Google website submission on this page, you may want to look around for some more Google tools to enhance your web traffic, like Google Analytics.  Unlike website submission for Google, Analytics will require you to insert a small piece of code from Google to your website so that you can verify your ownership of the site.  Website submission to Google requires no verification—after all, it's basically never a malicious thing to do to submit a website to search engines.

Why Should We Submit Our Website to Google?

Whether or not you do website submission to Google, your website will take some time to index and really start showing up in SERPs.  Every day that you aren't getting those search engine rankings is a day that you're having to spend more money on advertising to get the same number of site visitors, so it's critical to do a Google website submission in order to get it listed as quickly as possible.

Some online marketing gurus swear that doing a website submission for Google actually makes it take longer for a website to show up in search results.  Don't believe this: usually, people saying this about website submission to Google are trying to sell their own method of building search rankings and are biased against free solutions.  There's no reason to spend money you don't have to: Google website submission is fast, free, and effective.

Do We Need to Submit Our Website to Other Search Engines?

Website submission for Google is easy, and you may think that when your submission is done you don't need to keep submitting to search engines.  While it's true that Google's market share is very dominant, would you turn away 1/3 of clients who walked into your door just because they asked for directions from the wrong person?  Then why eliminate the 1/3 of web users who prefer other search engines to Google?

While website submission for Google is a great first step, it can't be the only step.  You'll also want to submit your website to Yahoo and Bing, as well as to several different directories.  This will make it much more likely that your website will be indexed fast.  Each of these search engines takes only a few minutes to submit to, much like creating a website submission to Google.

Using Auto-Submission Software

If you want to maximize your efficiency when doing website submission to Google, you can download some utility programs to help.  An auto-submission utility will do website submission for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine you want in a matter of minutes.  The key advantage of using this kind of software is that you can get consistency—and it makes it possible to submit for several search engines in the same time that it would have taken you to just do website submission for Google in the past.