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Proven Techniques to Increase CPM Marketing


CPM Marketing is most Likely to Increase Brand Exposure


CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is usually intended to enhance the brand of your firm instead of leading to a large amount of click through rates, and Michael Fleischner, the Marketing Director of Peterson’s, states that display ads such as CPM ads only produce a 0.1% to 0.3 click through rate. 

The good news is that the price of marketing for CPM advertisement has drastically decreased since the mid-1990s, but the decrease may not last for long because certain networks like Facebook and others have seen huge increases in CPM marketing costs.


Different Kinds of Ads to Increase CPM Marketing


The right kind of advertisement may not only increase the reputation of your firm but click through rates as well.  The following types of ads can help marketing for CPM:


Static Ads for CPM Marketing


Static display ads have been around the longest, and they offer no interaction to the consumer.  These are simple images, but they can combine both images and text to showcase a professional advertisement and increase the marketing of CPM. 


Animated Ads and CPM Marketing


An animated ad will incorporate animation in a flash format or .GIF format.  A publisher will normally restrict the amount of time the animation can loop on the website, as well as the file size of the animation.  With such marketing for CPM, the designer can choose to animate part of the ad while keeping the rest static or animate the entire ad if they choose. 


Interactive Ads and CPM Marketing


Attorneys and law firms need to be careful with interactive advertising.  Too much animation and interaction may indicate to the consumer that the firm is unprofessional.  In order to portray professional through the marketing of CPM, include interaction for acceptable information like email addresses, addresses, etc. 


The advertisement usually turns on after the curser moves over the ad or rests on the ad for a certain amount of time.  An interactive advertisement is normally limited depending on the file sizes allowed by the publisher’s website.


Video Ads and CPM Marketing


Video ads have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and can add largely to click through rates.  The video can add a more direct approach to your ad copy, and the video may be activated in several different ways.  For example, the video may start automatically once the reader reaches the website, or the video may be user activated. 


Expanding Ads and CPM Marketing


This is one technique that can dramatically increase marketing for CPM.  Expanding ads usually activate when the reader clicks or rolls over the cursor, and the amount of expansion may vary as well.  The most important factor for expanding ads is that they can provide a larger amount of information without the user having to actually visit the website.  Once the reader reviews the expanded ad, they may find that the website would benefit their research or legal needs.


Increasing Clickthrough Rates with Marketing for CPM Advertisements


CPM advertisements can be used by attorneys in two ways: they can use outside ads on their website to generate profits from advertising, or they can create CPM ads to post on other websites and increase brand exposure.  Although branding is the largest benefit of CPM marketing, certain techniques can increase traffic to an attorney’s actual website and increase clientele as well. 


Some of the best techniques of marketing CPM ads for click through rates include using one of the formats listed in the last section and the following:


1.       Hire a professional graphic artist: you don’t necessarily need to make a make an artistic advertisement, but good marketing for CPM ads includes choosing the right colors, the placement of certain images, and more.  The services of a graphic artist are fairly cheap, and the professional help can have surprising results for your CPM marketing campaign.


2.       Keep the ad copy brief and interesting: the most successful ad copy keeps a simple and direct statement that encourages click through.  For example, you may have some CPM ads that simply enhance your brand, but others ads may encourage, for example, discounts if the consumer visits your website.  You could possibly offer a free consultation and list the discount in the advertisement.


3.       Test several different ads: CPM marketing consists of slow but important changes to your ad to increase client interest.  You should test several different ads and make changes about every three days to see how the results are working.  If you want to make a change, make only one change to the advertisement at a time and see how the changes have worked over a span of several days.


4.       Consider the file size: marketing CPM ads includes making sure those ads can appear even for the readers who are on the website for a short amount of time.  If your advertisement is large in size, the file may take a large amount of time to load.  A conservative estimate for a banner advertisement is about 15k to 20k.


If you’re planning to use your advertisement on a certain website or group of websites, you should consider an important CPM marketing technique and adjust the advertisement each website.  Additionally, if you are using a social networking service for marketing CPM advertisements, you should take certain steps to ensure the advertisement is adjusted to the specific social network. 


Conclusion for CPM Marketing


Although the marketing for CPM is usually intended to increase brand awareness, the right CPM ads can also lead to a significant amount of click through rates.  You can find information on this website about CPM marketing on social media like Facebook that can increase the number of click through rates.