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Affiliate Marketing Tools

Some of the Best Free Affiliate Marketing Tools on the Web


Why do I need to Use Affiliate Marketing Tools?


If you chose to go through an affiliate marketing network, they may provide certain tools along with their service.  However, many networks provide limited affiliate marketing tools, and it’s a good idea to access free tools if you’re already spending money on the network.  Some of the best free affiliate marketing tools are listed throughout this article.


A Free Affiliate Marketing Tool for your Campaign


If you’ve chosen to pursue your affiliate campaign, an affiliate marketing tool listed within this section or several tools at a time can help you make your campaign as successful as possible:


Google AdWords Affiliate Marketing Tool


This service provided by Google is one of the most widely accessed tools by attorneys in the internet today.  The affiliate marketing tools within this program can give you an estimate for a keyword’s search volume for the last month, and it can provide other terms that may be a better choice for your campaign.  You can search for search trends, local search volume, and most importantly, keywords in connection to advertiser competition. 


Google Alerts Affiliate Marketing Tool


This is one of the best affiliate marketing tools you can use for your campaign.  You can establish alerts by day, week or month and see what people are saying about the legal products on other websites.  The same applies to your marketing campaign.  If you have a website or blog that is used for affiliated marketing, you can see what readers are saying about your website. 


Firefox SEO Affiliate Marketing Tool


If you use a Firefox browser, this a great free tool for your affiliate marketing campaign.  The toolbar is plug-in and only takes a couple of minutes to download.  With this tool, you can analyze your own legal website’s figure and you can also analyze the statistics on competitive websites.  You can track things such as backlinks, projections, and much more.  This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing tools offered for free. 


Tynt Affiliate Marketing Tool


This is one of the most helpful affiliate marketing tools if you have a large amount of original content on your legal website or blog—especially if you’re writing product reviews and similar articles.  This affiliate marketing tool allows you to see if your content or original pictures were copied.  If so, the tool can provide links to redirect readers back to your legal website. 


This affiliate marketing tool also provides other services such as reports on where your readers are coming from, content reports, and even help with your SEO. 




This is one of the best free tools for an attorney in affiliate marketing that relies heavily on pay per click advertising.  The affiliate marketing tools offered by this website allow you to note conversions, but you can track campaigns across several different networks at a time.  You can also use the website to track your return on investment (ROI), and you can find more services as well. 


Traffic Travis Affiliate Marketing Tool


This free tool is highly regarded according to multiple user reviews and provides results comparable to some of the costliest software for SEO.  The tool can give you close estimates for keywords across several different search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and more.  You can also plug in a keyword and see how similar keywords will perform. 


Pingler.com Affiliate Marketing Tool


These tools along with pingomatic.com are some of the best for getting your content indexed and getting it indexed quickly.  For example, if you’ve just launched a new legal website or even a new post on a legal blog, these affiliate marketing tools allow you to alert other blogs and search engines that you’re content has been updated.  These tools will increase how fast readers travel to your website, and the more you update the page, the more you should use these affiliate marketing tools. 


Dropbox Affiliate Marketing Tool


This is a great tool if you you’re constantly traveling and want a secure place to save the things you’re working on during travel.  The service provides several options to the legal affiliate marketer, and the tool even allows you to share your Dropbox with other people if you choose to do so, such as other partners in your firm.  Some versions of this affiliate marketing tool require a fee, but there is a free version as well. 


GoGodes Affiliate Marketing Tool


This is one of the greatest affiliate marketing tools/plug-ins for adjusting your domain names.  If you have a large domain name, you can use this plug-in to reduce the length of your link in order to perform more efficiently on a search engine and look more professional overall. 


Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Tool


This website also provides a large amount of free affiliate marketing tools.  You have access to tools for research and other tools such as a domain locator, an earning calculator, a URL redirect tool, and more.  This service also provides free educational material on affiliate marketing and other advanced affiliate marketing tools for a fee. 


Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing Tools


If you’ve started an affiliate marketing campaign, sometimes the best choice is to start with free affiliate marketing tools and progress to tools that charge a fee once you become accustomed to the practice of affiliate marketing for legal products and services.  You’ll want to start off slow and adjust your content along the way, and the free tools listed within this article will help. 


If you’re going through an affiliate marketing network, they will usually provide you with a large number of affiliate marketing tools—especially if they charge a fee for the service.  If you’re not using a network, you’ll have to decide  the level of your demands.  What kind of things do you need to track, and what are you planning to do with the results?