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Creating and Adjusting the Perfect Twitter Marketing Campaign


Twitter Marketing Campaigns


Adjusting a Twitter marketing campaign should not rely on general statistics, but certain Twitter marketing with focus on international law should consider adjusting, especially if they’re mainly focusing on the United States at the moment. 


Valuable Statistics for Attorneys


Twitter and marketing is popular in the United States, but the only ranks 18th in the world for Twitter influence.  If you need to adjust your Twitter marketing campaign internationally and within a field of law, the following regions (greatest to lowest) have the most influence from Twitter and marketing:


·         Venezuela

·         Indonesia

·         Brazil

·         Turkey

·         Mexico

·         United Kingdom

·         Ireland

·         El Salvador

·         Dominican Republic

·         Columbia

·         Paraguay

·         Philippines

·         Ecuador

·         Japan

·         Argentina

·         Malaysia

·         Guatemala

·         United States

·         Netherlands

·         Spain

·         Kenya


Apart from countries, the following cities are most influenced by Twitter and marketing:


·         Caracas

·         Jakarta

·         Sao Paulo

·         Istanbul

·         Rio de Janeiro

·         Mexico City

·         New York City

·         London

·         Los Angeles

·         Toronto

·         Madrid


A smart Twitter marketing campaign in law will also account for gender, age, income as well as education and how it relates to the services of your firm.  The following statistics provide valuable data for Twitter and marketing campaigns within different fields of law:


·         about 61% of all users on Twitter are women, while about 39% are men

·         the 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 age groups are using Twitter the most

·         about 15% of users are 18-24, about 7% are below 18, and less than 10% are 55 and up

·         Twitter and marketing works best for users earning $25,000 to $49,999

·         Twitter and marketing works second best for those earning $50,000 to $74,999

·         over 60% of Twitter users have some college education, and just below 20% have their bachelor’s degree


Important Tips for your Twitter Marketing Campaign


Twitter marketing campaigns for a law firm need to consider statistics and their followers, but they also need to embrace the important steps listed within this section.  Successful Twitter marketing campaigns contain the following strategies and more:


1. Have Multiple Workers for your Twitter Marketing Campaign


You can address more problems within Twitter and marketing if you have more associates in your firm helping with the campaign.  The most successful Twitter marketing campaigns have several partners using Twitter on a daily basis to provide updates and respond to followers.  If followers realize there are multiple partners working together, they’ll recognize that the firm is devoted to helping their clients. 


 2. Implement Timing into your Twitter Marketing Campaign


The most successful Twitter marketing campaigns by law firms will post incentives informational tweets  during times that clients are most likely to view the updated information.  Generally, Twitter and marketing work best before followers go to work, during lunch, around 3 p.m., and multiple times during the evening hours. 


Additionally, a Twitter marketing campaign for a law firm should also adjust for days of the week and even times during the year. 


3. Promote Multiple Accounts for Twitter and Marketing


Many of the best Twitter marketing campaigns will encourage individual partners to use their own personal accounts to promote the firm as well.  This technique allows the firm to expand its presence past the followers it has already.  If a firm does encourage such Twitter marketing campaigns, they should establish clear rules for professionalism and responses concerning the company. 


4. Focus on your Content within the Twitter Marketing Campaign


The best way to combine Twitter and marketing for your firm is to only provide information that can inform and help your potential clients.  Report important events within the news that relate to your services; report certain events that your firm is holding; report certain projects that individual partners are working on; and provide information about incentives and discounts your firm may be offering. 


5. Focus on Keywords


If you’re just starting your Twitter marketing campaign, you’ll want to perform keyword searches within Twitter that relate to your services.  How can you integrate those keywords into your profile, your bio, and your tweets?  The most successful Twitter marketing campaigns will use keywords to appear higher up within search results and gain more followers. 


6. Don’t Underestimate Hashtags


One of the most effective tools for Twitter and marketing for a law firm is the use of hashtags.  Your firm should encourage employees and followers to use hashtags for the firm itself.  Additionally, a Twitter marketing campaign should research hashtags to promote in order to try and bring in more followers.  Twitter marketing campaigns should create new hashtags for new updates. 


7. Use URL Shorteners as much as Possible


Using a URL shortener can have great results for yourTwitter and marketing campaign.  There are different tools available on the internet to help you shorten URLs so you can provide longer links within the 140 character limit for tweets.  After you begin to shorten links, you should provide links to your blog, your official website, other social media websites, and helpful information for your followers. 


8. Track your Results


After your Twitter marketing campaign is under way, you’ll want to monitor a large number of information using the analytics on Twitter as well as outside tools.  All Twitter marketing campaigns need to make adjustments—especially in the legal sector—and it’s hard to make adjustments without real time results. 


Conclusion: Twitter and Marketing


No campaign is perfect, and adjustments are needed constantly in order to maintain awareness and potential leads through Twitter.  Twitter marketing campaigns can greatly improve not only profit, but brand awareness and reliability from clients as well.