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Get Clients To Know About Your Law Firm. Social Media Marketing Plan

Get Clients To Know About Your Law Firm. Social Media Marketing Plan


Everything About Social Media Marketing Plan


Marketing with social media can have a huge impact on your law firm website's effectiveness—which is probably why 90.9 percent of small firms already use social media for marketing purposes.  Making social media marketing plans can be intimidating if you don't have much experience with marketing on the internet, but an effective social media marketing plan can be critical to getting the clients you need.  In this guide, you'll learn great tips for marketing with social media so that you can move forward with your law firm's long term marketing plans.


Initiating a Social Media Marketing Plan


Maybe you already have a personal Facebook or LinkedIn account, but you don't know how to leverage those profiles for better marketing results.  Maybe you're trying to integrate your website with social media platforms or blogs.  Whatever your level of familiarity with social media, the first step of creating social media marketing plans is the same as creating any marketing plan: familiarizing yourself with your clients and their needs.


The next step is familiarizing yourself with various social media platforms.  You may want to do competitor research to figure out how they're marketing with social media, but be careful: duplicating a competitor's strategy just makes you look the same.  You'll want to develop social media marketing plans that set you apart from your competition, so look with a critical eye: what could they be doing better?  How could you make your firm seem not just different, but better than its closest competitors?


Developing Your Social Media Marketing Plan


It's important to go slow when you start marketing with social media.  Implementing social media marketing plans too quickly, creating a blitz of new content, can seem overwhelming to potential clients rather than inviting.  Make both short and long-term goals so that your plan can be implemented over time.


Unlike traditional marketing plans, a good social media marketing plan will include many opportunities for client interaction and feedback.  Successful marketing with social media requires, above all else, having the flexibility to respond positively to the feedback you receive.  Good social media marketing plans include consistent monitoring and analysis of feedback, so you should make sure that your social media marketing plan assigns these responsibilities to someone in your firm.


If your firm is busy and you think you don't have enough time for successful marketing with social media, you may want to consult with a social media marketing service.  Several of these services now cater specifically to law firms, and can help you to develop a winning social media marketing plan that can take your firm's web presence to the next level.


Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Marketing Plans


In the social media world, authenticity rules.  Clients can be easily turned off by a web presence that seems phony.  If your social media marketing plan includes a lot of content that looks very much like paid advertising, you may have the wrong idea.  The best social media marketing plans involve creating useful content—in fact, your goal should be to create content so useful that it's not even seen by your clients as marketing with social media, but as an interesting article or post worth sharing with their friends.


You should also make sure your social media marketing plans avoid trying to exercise too much control over the conversations that start on your social media pages.  While it is of course necessary to monitor and moderate (for example, you wouldn't want an abusive comment or one that broke confidentiality rules to stand), behaving like an internet dictator will hurt your reputation for marketing with social media.


It's important to remember that social media makes you part of a community, and you need to work within the established rules (both written and unwritten) of that community for your social media marketing plans to be successful.  This means that your social media marketing plan should include a great deal of listening, not just talking.  By listening to the other conversations that are going on in your chosen social media platforms, you'll be able to avoid sounding tone-deaf when you create your marketing copy.


Marketing With Social Media: Experimentation and Analytics


Creating an authentic social media presence takes a great social media marketing plan, but once you have that presence, how can you be sure you're getting a return on your investment?  You should always include web analytics in your social media marketing plans, so that you can fully understand how your marketing with social media affects the traffic to your website.


Today, a multitude of web analytics tools are available for anyone who wants to make sure that their social media marketing plan is working.  Make sure to identify the key performance indicators that you want to improve before starting to crunch the numbers on marketing with social media.  


If your social media marketing plans seem to be falling short, try to identify where you've reached the greatest number of clients and analyze why that part of the social media marketing plan has been successful.  As long as you keep experimenting with marketing with social media and don't come off as fake or overly “salesy,” you'll usually strike upon a strategy that works for your firm's unique brand voice.


Marketing With Social Media: Looking Ahead


The world of social media is in a state of constant reinvention.  That's why it's important to diversify your social media presence, rather than focusing your social media marketing plan on a single social media platform.  The best social media marketing plans don't rely on just one or two websites, but instead aim to create a comprehensive web presence for your law firm.


Continuing to investigate new avenues for social media participation can ensure that your law firm doesn't get left behind when clients online move to the next big thing.  You can't execute social media marketing plans while standing still—the web is moving faster than ever, and if you want the best web presence, you need to be willing to move with it.