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If you're a busy attorney and you want to capitalize on the blog market, you can have an SEO service write blog entries for you.  Up to 80 percent of firms who are involved with search engine optimization outsource some or all of their SEO tasks to other companies, and there's no reason that you shouldn't use a ghostwriter to do some or all of your blog entries so you don't have to.

Can an SEO Services Blog Really Bring In Business?

The short answer is yes.  The long answer is yes, definitely!  An SEO service blog can in some ways be better than a blog you write on your own, and attorneys at small firms report an over 50% success rate with their blogs, even if they're not optimized for search engine indexing.

An SEO services blog will always be search engine optimized in a way that meets with the latest standards from search engines.  For instance, new updates to Google called Panda and Penguin have substantially changed the way the site ranks pages.  As an attorney, you may not have time to keep up with the newest changes to how search engines operate, but SEO services specialize in doing this exact thing.

An SEO service blog can bring in business in a few different ways.  First of all, there's the direct business that you get every time someone clicks on the links to your website in your SEO services blog and decides to call you.  Second, you can use your SEO service blog to get referrals from other attorneys.  Third, connecting your blog with social media can make your entries go viral, bringing in even more traffic.

A Word About SEO Service Blog Content

Because of recent search engine changes, it's more important than ever that your SEO services blog contains quality content.  Of course, without great content, your search engine page rank results don't mean much: people will just click on your SEO service blog, see that the content looks too spammy, and turn right back around to the rest of their search results.

One of the biggest ways that the new search indexing algorithms decide which site is better quality is by looking at links.  You'll want to make sure that your SEO services blog has headlines and content that makes people want to click, whether they're seeing a link to your SEO service blog on another blog or on your Facebook page.

Deciding on the Right Service for Your SEO Services Blog

With so many different companies offering to start an SEO service blog for attorneys, it's even more important to make sure you're getting the best quality content for your money.  Avoid any companies that will have your SEO services blog entries written by people who don't live in the United States.  These writers may work for less money, but their content can sometimes be extremely clunky and even ungrammatical—not the first impression you want to give your SEO service blog visitors.

Any company you hire should be able to show you samples of other blogs they've ghostwritten.  If the SEO services blog you see contains factual errors, cross that service off your list.  You also want your SEO service blog to have some personality.  Ideally, that personality will look a lot like yours, so your clients get the right impression from your SEO services blog.  Avoid services that make the content for every SEO service blog they write look the same.  You want your content to stand out, not look like everyone else's outsourced blog.

For a Great SEO Service Blog: Check the Competition!

Because only 12 percent of small firm attorneys currently maintain blogs, it's possible that none of your nearest competitors has a current blog.  If one or more of them do, though, you should look at their blogs to give direction to your SEO services blog.

There are a lot of good reasons to keep up with any blogs being run by your competition.  First of all, you never want to sound the same as someone else.  If your SEO service blog looks too similar to the blog your competitor has started, you may want to direct your ghostwriters to change focus a little bit.

Style is also important.  Do you see your competitor getting a lot of attention in social media and from search engines because of a particular stylistic technique, like asking commenters open-ended questions?  Ask the company writing your blog if they can incorporate these techniques into your blog to generate more buzz and more business.

You should also try having your SEO services blog link to other attorney blogs sometimes.  While this may seem like giving clients to the competition, the truth isn't so simple.  The internet is all about connections, and by giving a link you're more likely to get one from someone else in the future.

What if I'm Unhappy With My SEO Service Blog?

Your ghostwriter isn't you, and even if you discuss your desires for your blog with an SEO services company, it might not come out looking exactly like you had hoped.  Don't decide right away to drop the idea of an outsourced blog altogether.  You should try to talk to the company ghostwriting your blog and see if there's any way to communicate better about what your needs are.

Of course, not every ghostwriter is a great fit for every law firm.  If you've made repeated requests for the focus of your blog to change, for instance, and your blog is still running entries about the topic you started with, you may want to start shopping around for a new service to write your blog entries.

Keep in mind that if you're having your blog ghostwritten, a sudden change in style or writing quality will look strange.  If your existing blog hasn't gotten a lot of traffic or a lot of loyal followers, you may want to ask the new company handling your ghostwriting to just create a totally new blog for you.  This way, the changes won't be as noticeable.