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One Way Backlinks: What Lawyers Need to Know Now

One Way Backlinks: What Lawyers Need to Know Now

Backlinking can account for up to 70 percent of your website's total search engine rankings.  When you're assembling backlinks to bring “link juice” to your website, you need to know how to get free one way backlinks.  One way anchor text backlinks are some of the best possible backlinks you can get to your website, and there's no reason to pay for them.  In fact, paid for one way backlinks may be a very bad idea.  Keep reading to find out why—and to learn how to get the best free one way backlinks possible for your law firm site.

One Way vs. Reciprocal Backlinks: Not Treated Equally

Why does it matter if a backlink is reciprocal (there are backlinks on two different websites to each other) or one way?  That has to do with web history.  Reciprocal backlinking was, for some time, the primary way that most webmasters and search engine marketers build their backlink presence.  However, this could easily be abused: imagine if 1000 different people, each with very low quality, spam websites, decided to put reciprocal backlinks to each other on their websites.  Would you want them to show up high in the search rankings just because of these links, even without quality content?

When search engines noticed this problem, they worked to fix it by weighting one way backlinks more than reciprocal backlinks.  This means that if you have a one way anchor text backlink, you'll get significantly more link juice from this link than you would from a reciprocal anchor text link.

Why You Should Only Have Free One Way Backlinks

Some businesses, looking to build their one way anchor text backlinks quickly, try to purchase one way backlinks instead of generating them organically.  However, these non-organic one way backlinks are likely to be penalized by Google.  Google has become much better at detecting paid one way anchor text backlinks, and you're unlikely to be successful with this strategy for long.  Since you have a professional business and aren't just a cheap online retailer, you can't afford to stake your reputation on one way backlinks that could backfire.

Besides, there are plenty of places to find free one way backlinks.  For example, you can get your own one way anchor text backlinks by making real, insightful comments on blogs, or by creating links on Youtube, social networking sites, or even directories of businesses that are maintained by your municipality or local chamber of commerce.  These opportunities for free one way backlinks mean that it's usually a waste of time and energy to pay for them.

Varying Your One Way Anchor Text Backlinks

Your free one way backlinks need to have some variance in their anchor text today if they're to help you get better search rankings.  When Google sees one way anchor text backlinks that all have the exact same anchor text, it assumes that you're using some sort of automated backlink creation method.  When those one way backlinks are detected, you're very likely to be penalized instead of seeing your rankings climb.

Because of this, it's very important to change up exactly what link text brings visitors to your website from free one way backlinks.  One way anchor text backlinks should have many different variations, including not just your brand keywords or exact keyword matches, but also a natural looking mix of other phrases and words.  Keep in mind that you can have some identical one way anchor text backlinks, just not too many as an overall proportion of your total backlinks.

The Best Ways to Get Free One Way Backlinks

Since you can't just offer to do a backlink exchange with another website when you need one way anchor text backlinks, you'll have to get creative.  A great way to get free one way backlinks is to include yourself on directory websites.  For example, if your local bar association or chamber of commerce has directories that include URLs, this is a great way to get one way backlinks—sometimes, though not always, for free (or included with the price of your membership).

You can also get free one way backlinks by posting to blogs in the comments section, or in web forums.  In order for your one way anchor text backlinks to stay up as blog comments or forum posts, you'll need to make sure that they're actually relevant to the content of the web page that you're linking from.  If you're posting irrelevant spam, you'll see your free one way backlinks disappear before Google can ever index them.

One way to get a huge influx of one way backlinks is to create an infographic.  While the initial infographic creation may cost money, you won't have to pay for your one way anchor text backlinks.  Infographics are a great way to increase interest in your website and improve your own PageRank fast.

Use Caution With One Way Backlinks Services

You may have seen services advertising their ability to build hundreds of one way anchor text backlinks in a few days or weeks.  While these services have been quite profitable for their proprietors, it's not usually a good idea to get your one way backlinks in this way.  Why?  Because usually, these services are creating low quality content that will only serve to hurt the reputation of your law firm.

What's more, most services of this type are using the exact same free one way backlinks resources that we've already discussed in this guide.  You can do the same thing that they're doing, while creating content that your law firm will be proud of instead of content that is likely to be disregarded by viewers or even that will lead to you being perceived as a spammer.  There's no need to pay for your one way anchor text backlinks when free one way backlinks resources abound all over the web.  Make the most of your social network and the blogosphere, rather than hiring a service to take a one way backlinks shortcut for you.