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Unbiased Consumer Report on Web Analytics Services


The Best Web Analytics for your Website


If you’re an attorney and you’re finally deciding to access web analytics services, you need to consider your financial resources and whether you’re willing to hire outside help.  A general rule to consider before choosing the best web analytics software for your firm is the “90/10” rule. 


The Best Web Analytics Services on the Market Today


There are other web analytic services out there, but based upon reviews from various sources across the internet, the best web analytics are listed below:


1. Google Analytics


This is often considered the best web analytics software out there because over 50% of the top 10,000 websites use this software.  Most firms start with these free web analytic services and decide to move on to other services if they choose.  There are number of unique tools offered by this software, and there is a large amount of Google Webmaster tools that can be run alongside Google Analytics.


2. Yahoo Web Analytics


Some of the top legal websites prefer the web analytics services offered by Yahoo because of better access control options a more simple approach if you’re using services for multiple websites.  Many firms consider Yahoo one of the best web analytics services between they offer both raw and real time data analysis along with visitor behavior and reports for demographics. 


3. Crazy Egg


Some consider this service one of the best web analytics programs because if offers heat maps and tracks the visitors movements throughout the website.  The web analytics services offered by Crazy Egg cost anywhere from $9 to $99 per month, but the program does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 


4. Compete


This service is often considered one of the best web analytics programs because, for one, it publishes the approximate number of visitors from around the world to the top 1,000,000 websites on the web.  The webs analytics services offered by Compete are free for simple traffic data, but the provider charges services for unique tools offered by no other service.  Compete allows you to track keywords that are sending users to your own website and to your competitors as well. 


5. Open Web Analytics


Some consider this one of the best web analytics services out there because of it simple and open source setup.  The web analytics services offered by Open Web Analytics are free and compare closely to the services offered by Google Analytics.  Additionally, Open Web Analytics offers certain programs that Google Analytics cannot offer without a third party like tracking for WordPress and MediaWiki.  If you’re looking for simple and free web analytics services, Open Web Analytics may be the service for you. 


6. GetClicky


If users switch from Google Analytics to another service, a large percentage will choose GetClicky.  This service is often considered one of the best web analytics programs because it offers real time data compared to Google Analytics that offers data from the day before.  If you’re looking for spikes in visitors from outside sources like social media, the web analytics services offered by GetClicky are some of the best out there along with SEOmoz Pro Tools and others.


7. Optimizely


This is a fairly new service but already one of the best web analytics services out there.  The one downside to the services is that they can cost anywhere from $19 to $399 per month.  The web analytics services allow a firm to create experiments with the site’s visual interface and conduct testing for different formats.  You need no coding or programming background to use these web analytics services. 


8. KissMetrics


This service is considered one of the best web analytics programs because of its simplicity and ability to receive feedback from actual clients.  Additionally, a firm can manage the entire list of questions they’re asking customers on a single dashboard, and the customer feedback comes in through short comments. 


9. Piwik


This service is also a free open source tool and compares closely to Open Web Analytics and Google Analytics as well.  In order to install these services, you need to download and install the PHP MySQL software on your own webserver.  The installation process will take about 5 minutes and you’ll be given a JavaScript code.  You can then plug the tag on the websites you wish to track and receive real time feedback. 


10. ClickTale


This is one of the best web analytics programs for seeing how clients are using your website.  The web analytics services offered by ClickTale allow you to see exactly what clients are doing on your website and provides a heat map for the interaction from consumers. 


More Web Analytics Software


If your firm wants to focus primarily on search engine optimization, it should consider the services listed below:


·         Raven

·         SEOmoz Pro

·         BuzzStreams

·         AnalyticsSEO

·         WebCEO Online

·         DIYSEO

·         Advanced Web Ranking


Conclusion to the Best Web Analytics Programs


Although there are other web analytics services out there, those listed above seem to have made the most impact on the internet thus far.  Nobody can tell you which services are best for your website, but you should consider reading customer reviews and other information before committing to a service. 


If you believe you can obtain better results from other web analytics services, you should consider switching.  Many of the services that require you to pay charge per month, but many of the services are free.  If you’re hiring outside help, ask them for recommendations as well.