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How To Do Affiliate Marketing

How To Do Affiliate Marketing


The Affiliate Marketing Basics for a Successful Campaign


Affiliate Marketing Basics


There is no set guide on how to do affiliate marketing.  However, if you learn how to do affiliate marketing, you can successfully earn a commission rate averaging about 15-20% on certain products within the legal industry.  There are some risks involved within affiliate marketing, but taking the right steps to set up and maintain your campaign can increase your chances for success. 


Affiliate Marketing Basics: Things to Consider for Planning down the Road


In order to know how to do affiliate marketing, you’ll want to consider several options concerning your campaign.  It’s best to start planning for these options early in order to confront certain challenges later on.  The affiliate marketing basics for planning are listed below:


1. Determine what Companies and Products are Best


The most important part of the affiliate marketing basics is pursuing companies and products you believe could benefit your firm AND the merchant.  You won’t be able to post advertisements from all of your intended companies/products, but if you form a list of your top options, you’ll likely be able to land a couple of those companies. 


2. Investigate Amounts of Commission Offered


Another important point to consider within affiliate marketing basics is the amount of commission you can receive from the companies you wish to pursue.  As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the average rate of commission can range for 15-20%, but that figure can deviate greatly.  Once you know how to do affiliate marketing and become experienced, you can start pursuing companies with higher rates of commission. 


3. Decide whether you’ll recruit


While researching how to do affiliate marketing, many firms will ask whether they need to hire outside help to write and edit the material on the chosen medium of publishing.  Well, the answer is that most firms hire outside workers to help with blogs and websites and then reimburse them with a percentage of the commission or even pay them standard forms of payment.  One of the most important things to consider in affiliate marketing basics is making sure you’ll have enough support to maintain and update your published material. 


4. Protecting yourself against Fraud


While researching how to do affiliate marketing, many firms are concerned by fraudulent programs that can reduce amounts of commission and even take away certain affiliate opportunities.  However, protection against fraud can work the other way around in affiliate marketing basics.  If a firm is not careful, the can unknowingly send out emails or other notifications that classify as spam—resulting in the merchant getting in trouble as well as the firm. 


Affiliate Marketing Basics: Starting your Affiliate Campaign


After you’ve made the following considerations about your campaign, you can take the following basic steps on how to do affiliate marketing:


1. Setting up your Website


This step in how to do affiliate marketing will usually take the most time, and building the right website (most likely a blog) is the most important step to your campaign.  While you’re building the website, you want to deliver only the best content that can relate to your readers and the merchants you’re channeling.  While building your website, don’t rely on unrelated and unpopular ads.  It’s better to sacrifice a handful of general, unrelated advertisements for a more popular advertisement that is related to your content.  Building a good website or blog can take years. 


2. Find the Best Network


While learning how to do affiliate marketing, one of the most important steps is finding the right network for your website.  Some websites provide affiliate marketing basics compared to more complex networks, and you’ll want to evaluate your needs before choosing the best network for your website.  In some cases, you don’t necessarily need a network if you go through the merchant directly.  However, you’ll likely need an affiliate network if you have a smaller website with limited amounts of traffic until your website grows.  You can find ratings and reviews about networks on this website. 


3. Setup your Domain Name for SEO


While learning how to do affiliate marketing, you’ll want to do your research on maximizing your SEO through your domain name.  A good resource for SEO information is the blog under SEOmoz.  If your domain name is long and irrelevant to the information you’re providing, you’ll have poor search engine optimization (SEO).  Before choosing a hosting service, you’ll want check if the blog you’re using supports the service.  These affiliate marketing basics can start your campaign off nicely. 


4. Write your Articles


After learning how to do affiliate marketing setup, you’ll want to start writing your articles.  Affiliate marketing basics for articles usually include keeping the articles around 1,000 words, splitting up the articles into several different posts, and most importantly, making sure the posts are relevant to your targeted audience.  A huge mishap in affiliate marketing basics is writing an article that promotes a product that has nothing to do with your website.  Also, the trick in how to do affiliate marketing is gaining the reader’s trust by writing true and transparent articles. 


You’ll also want to consider keywords while writing your articles.  You’ll want to use service such as Google AdWords to see what keywords and keyword phrases your audience is searching.  Then, you’ll want to place enough sections of those keywords within your article in order to make your writing appear in search engine results.  While learning how to do affiliate marketing, try using keywords that are less used but can still draw in your audience at the same rate.


5. Monitor your Results


After you’ve mastered the affiliate marketing basics and started your campaign, you’ll want to monitor your results every day and make adjustments over time to make readers stay on your website.  The longer they stay on, the larger the chance of them clicking on the advertisement. 


Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing Basics


Learning how to do affiliate marketing is not an easy process.  It’s a long and changing process.  However, staying devoted to your campaign can have great positive results and let you receive a significant amount of revenue.