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Everything About Facebook Advertising Coupon

It sounds almost too good to be true: Facebook advertising coupons can actually save you 25, 50, or even hundreds of dollars when you start to advertise with social media.  One of the biggest Facebook advertising coupons even gave businesses $200 of advertising credit.  With thousands of companies already taking advantage of a Facebook advertising coupon, is it time to get on board and start making ads?  This guide will help you find Facebook advertising coupons that are valid today, and avoid scam sites that are pushing fake coupon codes.

What is a Facebook Advertising Coupon For?

When Facebook issues coupons to companies, they're making a gamble: they're assuming that your advertising will do so well when you start to use Facebook as an ad platform that you'll keep spending money even after your coupon has been spent.

You can generally use Facebook advertising coupons for any type of paid advertising on the Facebook site.  Whether you're interested in trying out new mobile advertising campaigns with your Facebook advertising coupon or doing traditional sidebar direct ads on a pay per click basis, your law firm can usually decide on its own how to use the money offered in the coupon.

Some Facebook advertising coupons do actually limit the types of ads you can purchase.  If your Facebook advertising coupon has these restrictions, they'll be clearly stated in the email you receive with the coupon.  These kinds of restricted Facebook advertising coupons are typically issued when Facebook launches a new type of advertising.

Is There a Catch to Facebook Advertising Coupons?

When you work at a law firm, you're used to being skeptical.  A coupon for a few dollars off may not set off alarm bells, but when you see a Facebook advertising coupon for $100 or more you may start wondering if there are hidden terms you're not seeing.

Because Facebook works on a largely word of mouth basis, it's not really in the company's best interest to send you Facebook advertising coupons that have onerous terms and conditions.  Facebook is counting on the quality of their product, and on the fact that even a $100 coupon can be a drop in the bucket if your company decides to move a large amount of its advertising into social media platforms instead of traditional outlets.

What's the Difference Between Facebook Advertising Coupons and Advertising Credits?

If you've already been using Facebook advertising for a while, you may have noticed some Facebook advertising credits in your account and wonder if they're from a coupon offer.  Usually, though, advertising credits are not based on Facebook advertising coupons.

If the credits you're seeing are for very small (as in, less than a dollar each) amounts, the safest bet is that Facebook is refunding money that was spent on bogus clicks from “click farms” that artificially drive up traffic without giving you the ad results you want.  These tiny credits represent the vast majority of advertising credits awarded on the site.

If you've seen a larger Facebook advertising credit appear, perhaps you've qualified for some kind of Facebook advertising coupon.  You may want to check your email inbox to see if you've been notified about any coupon deals.

How Much Free Advertising Can I Get From a Facebook Advertising Coupon?

The amount of free advertising you can expect from your Facebook advertising coupons depends largely on what kind of ads you're using.  Typically, you can expect to pay around 30 to 40 cents per click for sidebar ads, and more (up to 80 or 90 cents per click) for sponsored stories that appear in people's Facebook news feed on their browser or mobile Facebook apps.

To get the most out of a limited number of clicks, it's important to make your landing pages as perfect as they can possibly be.  Make sure to include a clear and direct call to action, both on your landing page and in the ad copy that gets people there.  

You won't be able to get enough advertising out of a single Facebook advertising coupon offer to be able to do legitimate split testing—if you want to do complicated analytics, you're going to have to spend some of your law firm's advertising budget.

Can I Use Facebook Advertising Coupon Codes?

When you start looking for Facebook advertising coupons to get your advertising efforts started, you may see websites offering what appear to be free coupon codes.  When you go to use the Facebook advertising coupon code you've found, though, you get an error message.  What gives?

The truth is that Facebook wants to avoid any marketing fiascos caused by offering big coupons and letting them proliferate wildly on the internet.  In order to avoid these problems, instead of sending out coupons that can be used repeatedly, most Facebook advertising coupon codes are deliberately created to be one-time use codes.

Unfortunately for would-be deal seekers, this means that most of the Facebook advertising coupons you see online won't be available for you.  The reason that you keep receiving error messages is that some other person has already used the single use Facebook advertising coupon you were trying to use, and you'll need to hunt down your own individual coupon code to actually get the credits you're looking for.

How to Get Legitimate Facebook Advertising Coupon Codes

The best way to get Facebook advertising coupons is to have a Facebook page already set up.  Some Facebook advertising coupon codes are only sent to people who have not already used Facebook ads, while other coupons are sent to people who have used Facebook advertising in the past but have cut down on their budget.

Keep an eye out in your inbox and also on Facebook advertising blogs to find out more about coupon offers as they're made.  Typically, when Facebook offers one of these coupon deals, it's for a limited time only, so you'll want to make sure that you use your coupon before you lose it.