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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Simple Guide: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


What’s Covered in this Affiliate Marketing Guide?


This small yet comprehensive affiliate marketing guide will cover the following areas:


1.     The basics of Affiliate Marketing

2.     How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

3.     What types of payments correspond with affiliate marketing?

4.     A Quick Guide to Affiliate Networks


Note: This guide covers affiliate marketing for beginners.  If you need tips for varying levels of affiliate marketing, you can find more complex guides on this website as well. 


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for a beginner to make money off of advertising because any affiliate marketing guide is fairly simple.  First of all, you don’t have to have to try and sell your own product, and you can even write content on products that interest you and apply to your field of law. If you’re wondering, “How does affiliate marketing work,” well, it’s easy.  All you’re really doing is referring people to other products or services and getting paid for it. 


How does Affiliate Marketing Work?


The best way to answer the question of “How does affiliate marketing work” is to provide an example of the one of the simplest measures.  Even

better, let’s set up an affiliate marketing guide for a young attorney or someone concerned about legal products. 


For example, if you bought a package of legal documents from an online legal company and were highly satisfied with not only the product but the overall help from the company as well, you can decide to write a review.  One of the best practices of affiliate marketing for beginners is writing a blog.  In the blog, you can write an affiliate marketing guide that states how the products benefited you.  Then you can talk about the website from which you bought the legal documents  and then post a link for the website. 


How does Affiliate Marketing Work: Types of Payment


Even in affiliate marketing for beginners, you can receive several different types of payments by following this affiliate marketing guide closely.  The following types of payment options are available to beginners and those who are experienced:


How does Affiliate Marketing Work: Pay Per Lead (PPL)

Although not the best option for affiliate marketing for beginners, this option is the best overall.  You can receive compensation every time a person performs an action on or through your website.  For example, a legal publisher can receive compensation for things such as having clients fill out surveys.  Commissions associated with PPL advertising will range greatly, but it has the potential for a large payout in some cases.


How does Affiliate Marketing Work: Pay Per Sale (PPS)

Out of all the payment options in this affiliate marketing guide, this type is the most common.  This option is also hard in affiliate marketing for beginners because legal publishers will have to convince their readers that the products are good through gaining their trust, offering reviews, and more. 


How does Affiliate Marketing Work: Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is the least common within this affiliate marketing guide.  Services like Google still offer pay per click services for affiliate advertising such as banner ads, but this type of compensation is becoming less and less common because of the fraud associated with competitors clicking ads.  Google has software to detect fraud, but it doesn’t stop all fraud. 

So, if we combine all of the types of payments in this affiliate marketing guide, what are the collective benefits?  It’s safe to say the following benefits are available, even in affiliate marketing for beginners:


·         You don’t have to worry about shipping certain products (unless your firm ships other products)

·         You don’t have to deal with customers except through your written word

·         You don’t have to deal with billing

·         You make money on products sold form other companies and even on your own products apart from sale revenue


IMPORTANT: One of the Best Websites Concerning Legal Advertising


Even in affiliate marketing for beginners, there is one website that can benefit those recommending legal products (books, documents, etc): Amazon.  This website is one of the largest sites on the internet, and it also offers the majority of payment through pay per sale advertising.  This is a great option in for those advertising legal products because they can write a review, direct readers to the website to check out the product, and presto, they receive compensation. 


How does Affiliate Marketing Work: Networks


This part of the affiliate marketing guide will briefly describe how networks operate and the advantages they provide in affiliate marketing for beginners.  In the simplest terms, a network is a bridge between the publisher (you) and the merchant.  There are multiple benefits that a network can provide in affiliate marketing for beginners:


1.       You can find numerous offers within one place and then start promoting them on your website

2.       The network will only charge a percentage of your commission (usually less than half)

3.       The network can provide other incentives such as bonuses and other types of rewards

4.       The network can provide you with support and technical assistance


How does Affiliate Marketing Work: Conclusion


Hopefully this affiliate marketing guide has provided some insight for beginners.  Once you get a website or blog up and running, you’ll usually receive payments every week or month depending on the company and their policies.  Even in affiliate marketing for beginners, you can usually track your payments and statistics within the dashboard you’re using.  In order to view the best networks out there, you can perform a simple search over the internet and find numerous types of networks.

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