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Why Your Law Firm Website Needs High PR Backlinks

Why Your Law Firm Website Needs High PR Backlinks

Is your firm having trouble learning how to get high PR backlinks for free?  Have you been considering a deal to buy high PR backlinks, because you don't know how to find them for yourself?  Don't worry—it's not nearly as hard to get high PR backlinks as you think.  Keep reading this guide to find out some creative ways to obtain high PR backlinks without needing to pay a service for every link you get.  You'll also learn why it can be a bad idea to buy high PR backlinks, and why this strategy can backfire dramatically on websites foolish enough to use it.

What Are High PR Backlinks?

Before we get started on how to get high PR backlinks, we need to take a look at exactly what they are.  PR stands for “PageRank” (all one word).  PageRank is a number on a 0 to 10 scale that is, essentially, a guide to how popular and high quality a website is considered to be.  The very most popular websites on the internet have a PR of 10, while a brand new website or one with very few connections to anyone else online would have a 0.

Backlinks are links to your website from another website.  If the website has a high PageRank, these are said to be high PR backlinks.  It's not always easy to get high PR backlinks, especially from websites that have very regulated submissions.  Because of this, many services exist to help people buy high PR backlinks.

Why Does PageRank Matter?

PageRank matters because not all backlinks give the same amount of ranking value to your website.  High PR backlinks are weighted significantly more heavily than low PR backlinks when Google decides where your website should appear in someone's search.  Because the vast majority of web users pick a website from the very first page of results, rather than going through many pages, it's critical to get high PR backlinks.

The reason that Google gives more weight to high PR backlinks is because these links give much more authority.  Typically, in order to get high PR backlinks, you'll need to have some type of relatively high quality content.  On the other hand, people can much more easily buy low quality backlinking services, so these lower PR backlinks are considered to be substantially lower quality.

Why is it much harder to buy high PR backlinks than low PR ones?  Mostly because there are far fewer high PageRank websites in total.  Before Google based a website's search rankings in part on the PR of its backlink sources, it was very easy for companies to use “article spinning” services that gave them hundreds of backlinks in just a few hours.  Now, with the changes to the search algorithm, it's considered much harder to get the kind of high PR backlinks you need to make your rankings rise.

How Do I Get High PR Backlinks to My Site?

Just because it can be difficult to get high PR backlinks doesn't mean it's impossible.  You definitely don't have to buy high PR backlinks in order to have them.  Some of the highest PageRank websites allow for public posting, and as long as your content meets quality guidelines, you can give yourself the links you want.

For example, one of the highest PageRank websites that you can post to quite easily is Youtube.  If you record some video content for your website and host it on Youtube, you can create backlinks in the description of your video.  These backlinks will come from a very high PageRank website, so they will be worth much more than if you had just gotten low quality links.

It's worth keeping in mind that Google's new algorithms also reward diversity.  If you buy high PR links exclusively, or just focus your energy on getting high PR links, you may end up having a backlink arrangement that appears suspicious to Google.  Generally, you should get high PR links as part of a comprehensive backlinking strategy, rather than working only for these links and not other types.

Should I Buy High PR Backlinks?

Even if you're struggling to get high PR backlinks, buying them isn't always a good answer.  While some services that allow you to buy high PR backlinks are on the level and offer good, contextual linking, others will post low quality items on as many high PR websites as possible.  Keep in mind that Google doesn't like it when businesses buy high PR backlinks.  Their search engineers have been getting better and better at identifying when people get high PR backlinks by buying them instead of earning them with great content.

If you do decide to buy high PR backlinks, use a lot of caution and check out the services carefully before deciding on one.  You don't want to get high PR backlinks, pay for them, and then find out that they haven't actually helped your website because it's now designated as “over optimized” by Google.  Only buy high PR backlinks from services that can show you a track record of success even after Google's new Penguin and Panda algorithms took effect.

Can I Get High PR Backlinks for Free?

There's definitely no real reason to buy high PR backlinks instead of making them yourself.  You can easily get high PR backlinks just by blogging, then linking to your blog entries on various Web 2.0 sites.  If you're making good content, you'll quickly have high PR backlinks without needing to buy a single one.

If you've already tried to get high PR backlinks in this way but haven't been successful, you may think you can buy high PR backlinks as an alternative.  Think about it, though: if people aren't coming to your website when you linked in those places before, could it be that your content quality was simply too low?  Consider making better quality content before choosing to buy high PR backlinks.