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Yahoo Website Submission: Free, Fast, and Easy for Law Firms

Yahoo Website Submission: Free, Fast, and Easy for Law Firms

While website submission for Yahoo used to be one of the biggest things you could do for your website, Yahoo now lags behind other search engines with less than 5 percent of market share.  Yahoo website submission is different today than it has been in the past, because of recent changes to how the search engine works.  While Yahoo website submission is free and always has been, you need to keep updated about these changes in order to make sure your submission is handled correctly.

Why Do Websites Need Yahoo Website Submission?

If you're already submitting your website to Google, should you really do website submission to Yahoo as well?  Is doing Yahoo website submission for free a waste of time, and does Google just do it for Yahoo anyhow?  There is a lot of misinformation on the web about website submission for Yahoo, so we should clear some things up first.

First of all, Yahoo recently made a deal with Microsoft's search engine, Bing, that replaced Yahoo's in-house search results with search results from Bing.  Because of this change, doing website submission for Yahoo is now the same as doing website submission for Bing.  Not everything changed: Yahoo website submission is free and easy, and even still starts from the same page.  In fact, if you hadn't kept up with the news about the changes to search results, you might not even know that Yahoo website submission had changed so significantly.

If you've already submitted your website to Bing, there's no need to do a website submission for Yahoo as well.  While it certainly won't hurt to do a Yahoo website submission for free, you're basically duplicating your effort for no reason at all.  However, you should make sure to do either a Yahoo website submission or a Bing submission: combined, these two search engines make up about 20 percent of the search traffic in the United States.

Does It Matter Who Does Our Website Submission to Yahoo?

While some website tasks could get your website penalized if you do them wrong, Yahoo website submission is basically risk free.  This means that you could not only have the intern do it—you could also have a computer program do it for you.  Several different programs have been developed to help people with automatic website submission for Yahoo.  If you're interested in doing your Yahoo website submission for free while doing several other submissions at the same time, you can easily do that with most automated submitter programs.

Why is Yahoo Website Submission Free?

Lawyers are sometimes skeptical about things that are offered for “free.”  Is Yahoo website submission really free?  How can they give away the service?  The answer is: yes, website submission for Yahoo is completely free.  The reason has to do with how search engines work.  Yahoo website submission actually makes the site stronger, because it makes it so that more websites about more topics are listed.

You can also do Yahoo website submission for free using the Yahoo directory.  The Yahoo Directory isn't the same as search—instead, it's a human-organized directory that tries to put websites into different categories for interested people.  

How Do We Submit Our Website?

It's very simple to do website submission for Yahoo.  All you need to do is go to this page: https://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html and click the first link.  You'll see that your Yahoo website submission is actually being handled through Bing now, due to the changes in how search results are served.  Follow the instructions, and you'll be able to do your Yahoo website submission for free in record time.

Website submission to Yahoo should always be done both for search and in the directory.  Yahoo website submission on the directory takes a little more work, though.  You'll need to find where you want to put your website submission for Yahoo Directory, and make sure that the category is accurate.  If it isn't, your website might not be listed in the directory or could be removed from it later.

When Do We Submit a Website to Yahoo?

Before you do any Yahoo website submission of any kind, you should make sure that you're not posting it before it is ready.  Website submission for Yahoo is much more effective when you are absolutely certain that your site is fast and fully functional.  Check to make sure that your website works on several different operating systems, including mobile operating systems like iOS (used on Apple products like iPhones and iPads) and Android (the most common operating system for smartphones today).

If you're confident in your website's look and feel, it's time to do Yahoo website submission.  After you do Yahoo website submission for free, don't be surprised if you can't find your site right away.  Website submission for Yahoo takes some time to work.  In some cases, your Yahoo website submission may be listed by Yahoo and Bing within a few days, while other websites take longer to process and index and may take up to 4-6 weeks!  Don't view website submission to Yahoo and Bing as an instant cure for your website's traffic issues—it just isn't designed to work that way.

Submitting To Multiple Search Engines

Yahoo website submission may be fast, but it still takes time, and when you combine it with all the other website submissions you're doing, this simple task can start taking up a lot of your day.  Instead of doing your Yahoo website submission for free using Yahoo itself, consider doing a website submission for Yahoo using an automated submitter.

Automated submission programs still let you do Yahoo website submission for free.  They just let you do it while you're also putting your site onto many other search engines and directories.  Using a submitter program can save you hours versus tediously giving the same information over and over when doing your website submission for Yahoo, Google, and so on.