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Over 400 million Google searches are made every day worldwide—that's almost 5000 searches per second.  If you want your blog to stand out and get new business for your law firm, you'll need blog SEO tips to make your content more popular.  Keep reading for tips you'll need to know and easy tricks to help you avoid common pitfalls that not every SEO tips blog will mention.
Blog SEO Tips #1: Don't Overuse Your Keywords
If you talk to someone who recently read an old SEO tips blog, they may tell you that the secret to having great search rankings is keyword density.  While this may have been true some years ago, search engine companies have gotten smarter and are waging a war against websites that overuse keywords in an attempt to draw in more visitors.
You'll do much better with all of these blog SEO tips if you avoid overuse of keywords or inserting keywords into irrelevant content.  Any SEO tips blog that you read today should include warnings not to overuse keywords.  If you do, your blog will often be flagged as spam, and will end up far back in the search results.
How much is too much?  Most blog SEO tips today say that you should have about 3 or 4 keyword mentions for every 500 word blog post you write.  Any SEO tips blog suggesting a substantially higher keyword density is probably using old information, and should not be relied upon.
Blog SEO Tips #2: Be a Storyteller
Instead of focusing on keyword density, any SEO tips blog today will tell you to focus on the quality of your content.  Blog SEO tips today are much more likely to focus on creating content that's interesting enough to generate “likes” and other activity on Facebook, or that will otherwise “go viral” in social media.
The best way to get people to listen what you have to say in your blog is to tell a story.  In addition to creating the kind of quality content that an SEO tips blog would love, it can be much harder to spot keyword phrases being used in the middle of a well-told story.
Quality narrative will keep people coming back to your blog, and it'll get other people to link to the entries you've posted.  As any SEO tips blog can tell you, this is absolutely critical to getting great search engine page rank and making conversions.
Blog SEO Tips #3: Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly
When you're looking through lists of blog SEO tips, you should make sure that the content you're seeing is brand new.  Why?  Because an SEO tips blog entry from even two or three years ago is essentially talking about a totally different internet from the one we have today.  Even a few years ago, smartphones were considered a gadget for geeks.  Now, more Americans than ever can't imagine their lives without one.
Today's SEO blog tips can't discount the result of this massive shift toward mobile devices.  According to recent SEO tips blog entries, over 20 percent of web traffic is now from mobile phones (most of them smartphones using Android or iOS).  This means your blog needs to be mobile friendly to compete.
How can you best make your blog mobile friendly?  One SEO tips blog recommends that you focus even more strongly on your search engine page ranks.  This means working hard on inbound links and keyword tagging.
Why is page rank more important than ever for mobile blog SEO tips?  Well, you don't get to see as many words on a mobile screen at a time as you do on your computer screen, and it's a bit harder to scroll through results and click to the next page.  Because of this, mobile users are even less likely to look at a second page of search results.
No list of blog SEO tips would be complete without telling you to make sure your blog is readable from a variety of mobile phones.  But you should go further: make your blog posts shorter and more to the point if you want consumers to read them.  Don't have big blocks of text—keep paragraphs short.
Blog SEO Tips #4: Niche Marketing
So you want to have a blog about being a personal injury lawyer?  Great—you and everyone else.  While only 12 percent of lawyers currently use blogging as a marketing tool, that's still a huge overall number of law blogs.  Most of the biggest and most general topics are already being used by a large number of blogs, so an SEO tips blog will generally advise against these topics.
The only way you might want to start a blog about a very general area of law is if you are focusing very hard on keeping your content local, and there aren't a lot of local blogs in competition.  Due to the increasing popularity of local searching, blog SEO tips today sometimes focus on developing great local content—always a good idea, especially if your firm doesn't have a lot of reach beyond your local area.
Blog SEO Tips #5: Use Multimedia
If you can write a great blog entry, that's fantastic, but keep in mind that not everyone's into lots of reading—not even every person who visits blogs.  If you want to draw the most people into your blog material, you should consider incorporating something other than just text entries into your blog content.
Maybe you did a seriously great presentation at a firm meeting last week, and it has some points you'd like to share with your blogging audience.  Instead of re-writing the presentation into a blog entry, consider just using the presentation as-is, or with minimal edits, on your blog.
Video's even better.  Try something that makes your videos stand out, like having a weekly question and answer session where you answer, on camera, questions submitted to you by blog readers or website visitors.  Conversion rates jump when lawyers use video, especially if you can make yourself look like someone clients can relate to.