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Organic SEO Marketing: New Techniques for Law Firms

Organic SEO Marketing: New Techniques for Law Firms

What is SEO marketing going to look like in a few years?  You don't need a crystal ball to look into the future and know that SEO search engine marketing will keep changing.  While a few years ago, many search engine optimized pages looked clunky, over 50 percent of today's online businesses are using seamless organic SEO marketing.  Keep reading this guide to find out how SEO search engine marketing changes have created new techniques you can use every day.

What is SEO Marketing, and What Makes it Organic?

In the early days of the internet, SEO search engine marketing was extremely primitive.  In 2000, organic SEO marketing was basically unheard of, and most business marketing professionals would have asked you “what is SEO marketing?” if you even mentioned the concept.

When people started to get used to the idea of SEO search engine marketing, they were dealing with relatively simple search algorithms.  These simple search algorithms looked, in large part, for keyword density to tell whose results should be on top.

You've probably seen some of the web pages that this kind of SEO search engine marketing was used on.  Far from being organic SEO marketing, they're clunky, with keywords jammed in every which way.

Now that most people in marketing have advanced beyond asking “what is SEO marketing?”, changes are still afoot.  Organic SEO marketing means that your copy looks natural, rather than having ungrammatical keywords crammed so closely together that it becomes barely readable.

Do I Need Paid Ads When I Use Organic SEO Marketing?

Some of the confusion over what is SEO marketing and what it's useful for comes about because there are many different types of advertising and marketing on the web.  While organic SEO marketing is certainly a great technique, it's also a technique that takes finesse.  Some attorneys prefer to skip SEO search engine marketing and rely entirely on direct advertising, usually on search engines.

What is SEO marketing going to do to your paid ads?  Eventually, it can probably replace them.  Because about 80 percent of internet users simply do not click on sidebar search advertisements, you're reaching a much wider audience with organic SEO marketing.  SEO search engine marketing will take a little while to get off the ground, so you may want to continue running ads while you wait for it to work.

What is SEO Marketing Doing For Law Firms Today?

Whether you're a solo practitioner or part of a larger firm, you're probably wondering: what is SEO marketing going to do to impact my bottom line?  The best thing about organic SEO marketing is that it doesn't have to make your website copy look very different to your existing clients.  This type of SEO search engine marketing, because it looks natural, won't risk scaring new potential clients away or hurt your reputation for having good information online.

Of course, just altering copy isn't the only answer to the question “what is SEO marketing.”  Today, because Google now ranks link quality and weights that in deciding where to put your results on the search page, many things fall under the SEO search engine marketing umbrella.  For example, your social networking websites, as well as Youtube and other video sites, can contain examples of organic SEO marketing that will help to bring in new clients from all over the web.

How Do I Segment Audiences With Organic SEO Marketing?

Segmentation is one of the best ways to make sure that your SEO search engine marketing campaign succeeds.  Instead of trying to talk to everyone with the same organic SEO marketing copy, you can adapt your copy and keywords for each type of client that you're trying to target.
You can also segment audiences by actually making different websites for each of the areas of expertise at your firm.  While this may initially sound like a lot of work, what is SEO marketing without work?  If it didn't take any effort, every other firm would already be optimized as much as possible.

How Do I Analyze My Organic SEO Marketing?

Even people who have a very good understanding of what is SEO marketing can be stymied by attempts to interpret the results of their marketing campaigns.  Often, the data you get can seem confusing, or there may just be too much of it for you to guess at what it means.  When this happens, it may be a good idea to have a professional consultation with an analytics consultant.

Analytics professionals can help you learn how to interpret your own data and start taking your SEO search engine marketing into your own hands with split tests and constant analysis.  If you don't intend to do this analysis in-house, many of these professionals will do the analytics work for you.  They'll find out what is SEO marketing doing for your firm and reporting the results to you.

Finding More Organic SEO Marketing Resources

One of the best resources to learn more about SEO search engine marketing best practices is actually Google's website.  This a completely free resource, accessible to everyone on the internet.  Because Google is the biggest search engine in the world and decides how to index results, it's by far the most reliable place to start learning how to do SEO to attract new clients.

You can also keep track of websites like this one, as well as blogs about SEO search engine marketing.  When you follow blogs, it's important not to follow out of date information, as this can affect whether or not you will be successful with your SEO.  

If you have any questions, asking them on these blogs can be very helpful—after all, most SEO professionals are more than willing to share their thoughts and keep online discussions going!  SEO professionals with blogs are also likely to help you by pointing you in the right direction toward the specific SEO resource you need to complete your current search engine marketing project.