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7 Tips For Building Link Popularity Without Losing Your Mind

 7 Tips For Building Link Popularity Without Losing Your Mind

It's become a much trickier world in just the last year for lawyers who want to build link popularity.  When 2012 started, it was still very possible to do link popularity building through automated services, which could get thousands of inbound links for your site in a matter of hours or days.  Now, Google has penalized over ten percent of websites for using these link popularity building techniques.  Today, if you want to build link popularity, you need a new strategy.  Here are seven strategies for building link popularity that are proven to get positive results without the risk of being sandboxed.

Building Link Popularity Tip #1: Networking Isn't Just For Computers

There's no reason that you shouldn't use your in person connections to help in your link popularity building efforts.  Your friends, neighbors, and relatives may be some of the best resources in helping you build link popularity when you have a brand new firm website.  

It tends to look suspicious to Google and other search engines when small, new, unknown websites suddenly start building link popularity at an incredibly fast rate.  If you work on link popularity building on this small, personal scale first, you'll learn a lot about building effective links and you won't tip Google off to the fact that you're using any artificial techniques.

Keep in mind that Google will penalize you if you build link popularity with too many reciprocal links, in which someone links to you and you link back.  However, as long as you're making sure at least some of your link popularity building is coming from one way links, you should be fine at this scale.  Usually, Google only punishes people who are found to be building link popularity through automated reciprocal linking schemes that generate many links every day.

Building Link Popularity Tip #2: Use Your Social Networks

Today, there are the friends you have in person and then there are the friends you have on Facebook and LinkedIn.  If you're already part of social networking websites, you need to use them as part of your strategy for link popularity building.  Because social networking websites tend to have a high Google PageRank, they are among the best ways to build link popularity.

Social networks can make building link popularity easier in several ways.  For one thing, you can use your social networks to do link popularity building of the same type that you'd do with in-person friends and relatives.  For another, you can actually create your own links back to your website using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.  Try not to build link popularity too quickly using these sites, because if Google notices that all your links come from the same sites it is likely to penalize you.

Building Link Popularity Tip #3: Branch Into New Websites

If your current link popularity building efforts aren't working as well as you had expected or hoped, it may be because you're using websites that aren't as popular as they once were.  You should continuously strive to branch into different sites as part of your effort to build link popularity.

Try checking out a list of the most popular websites in order to see which ones you should establish an account with next.  If you're not building link popularity on at least some high PageRank websites, Google tends to view this as a sign of artificial link building and may decide that your website is breaking the rules, leading to penalties.  

Building Link Popularity Tip #4: Check Out the Blogs

The blogosphere is a great place to find new websites to post on and to build link popularity for your site.  Don't just use your own blog for building link popularity.  Your link popularity building will go much more smoothly if you start building a list of blogs that you enjoy so that you can comment on them frequently.

Don't include a link back to your website on every comment you make.  Doing this is a surefire way to be identified as a spammer.  Instead, only build link popularity by posting links in comments when the link is actually relevant and can help the person find more needed information.

Building Link Popularity Tip #5: Answer Legal Questions

A common method of link popularity building for lawyers is to use websites like Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn Answers, Reddit's AskReddit forums, or some other question and answer website to link their website through.  If you post an answer to a question and a link to your website would genuinely help, this is a great and beneficial way to build link popularity for your site.

Make sure if you're doing this type of link popularity building that you're not giving actual legal advice for specific cases.  You should keep your answers framed as a matter of law, rather than trying to advise someone about a decision they're making.

Building Link Popularity Tip #6: Make a New App

One of the best ways to get people to pay attention to your website and build link popularity is to make an app.  Several app builders now exist that can help you make a new app and put it into app stores as quickly as possible.  By making a useful app, you can attract reviews that will help you in link popularity building.

Building Link Popularity Tip #7: Design Links for Virality

Ideally, you want the link popularity building efforts you're engaging in to combine with a viral spread of your content all over the web by other people.  In order to make sure that your links have viral appeal, you may want to consult with a marketing firm that has experience with this type of marketing.  Overall, viral sensations tend to be unusual and relatively short—no one has time to read or watch and then circulate content that just takes too long to view.  You should also consider using humor in your videos and text content, which can be a key way to spread your message virally.